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Submitted by on June 11, 2017, 5:49 a.m.


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Submitted June 11, 2017, 5:49 a.m.
Last Updated June 11, 2017, 6:05 a.m.


SERIES REVISION IS NOT COMPLETE. We've got 56 out of 57 expected patches.

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# Name Submitter State A F R T
[01/57] Import elfio lib to easy our elf file generating. New 1
[02/57] Modify the elfio lib, make it generate memory image. New 1
[03/57] Add a mem stream class to support ELF write. New 1
[04/57] Add GenProgram::toBinaryFormat to generate ELF format binary. New
[05/57] Add compiler API functions. New
[06/57] Add cl_alloc.h for new runtime. New
[07/57] Add all utility helper functions to runtime. New
[08/57] Add base object file to runtime. New
[09/57] Add cl_device_api to runtime. New
[10/57] Add compiler API to runtime. New
[11/57] Add cl_platform define in runtime. New
[12/57] Add device id define to runtime. New
[13/57] Add cl_context define to runtime. New
[14/57] Add cl_command_queue define to runtime. New
[15/57] Add cl_mem define to runtime. New
[16/57] Implement mem related cl object logic. New
[17/57] Add image common logic to runtime. New
[18/57] Add extension support to runtime. New
[19/57] Add cl_program define to runtime. New
[20/57] Add cl_sampler define to runtime. New
[21/57] Add cl_event define to runtime. New
[22/57] Add cl_kernel define to runtime. New
[23/57] Add cl_enqueue to handle all clEnqueueXXX API. New
[24/57] Add khr_icd define to runtime. New
[25/57] Implement all platform related API in cl_api_platform_id.c New
[26/57] Implement all context related API in cl_api_context.c New
[27/57] Implement all command queue related API in cl_api_command_queue.c New
[28/57] Implement all event related API in cl_api_event.c New
[29/57] Implement all mem related API in cl_api_mem.c New
[30/57] Implement all program related API in cl_api_program.c New
[31/57] Implement all sampler related API in cl_api_sampler.c New
[32/57] Implement all kernel related API in cl_api_kernel.c New
[33/57] Implement all device related API in cl_api_device_id.c New
[35/57] Add cl_gen_device_common.h to define common field for gen device. New
[36/57] Add device define for different generation of GEN GPU. New
[37/57] Add cl_gen.h to gen device. New
[38/57] Add intel_batch buffer implementation to GEN device. New
[39/57] Add GEN device's GPGPU helper functions. New
[40/57] Add intel driver to handle the gen device setting. New
[41/57] Add gen device pci id define and macro to runtime. New
[42/57] Add intel_structs.h file to define GEN's configure format. New
[43/57] Add intel_defines.h file to define command format. New
[44/57] Add cl_program_gen.c to parse GEN's ELF format file. New
[45/57] Add cl_mem_gen to implement cl_men for GEN device. New
[46/57] Add cl_kernel_gen for GEN device's kernel. New
[47/57] Add cl_context_gen to create cl_context. New
[48/57] Add cl_command_queue_gen to implement cl_command_queue for GEN. New
[49/57] Add cl_sampler_gen to implement cl_sampler for GEN device. New
[50/57] Implement cl_event_gen for cl_event. New
[51/57] Add GEN device's image functions to cl_image_gen. New
[52/57] Add cl_device_id_gen to define cl_device_id for GEN. New
[53/57] Add cl_compiler_gen to use compiler backend. New
[54/57] Add all internal kernels for GEN device. New
[55/57] Add binary generator for runtime. New
[56/57] Add git sha generator. New
[57/57] Modify CMakeList.txt to enable new runtime. New