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Submitted by Dylan Baker on Nov. 9, 2016, 8:53 p.m.


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Submitted Nov. 9, 2016, 8:53 p.m.
Last Updated Nov. 9, 2016, 8:54 p.m.
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# Name Submitter State A F R T
[v4,1/27] framework/result: TestrunResult.options should be a dict Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,2/27] unittests: Add tests for the feature completeness summary Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,3/27] framework/profile: make run hooks public Dylan Baker New
[v4,4/27] framework/profile: Drop unneeded except Dylan Baker New
[v4,5/27] framework: Split the run method out of profile. Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,6/27] framework: remove concurrent from OPTIONS, pass directly to profile Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,7/27] framework/programs/run: Remove use of TestrunResult Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,8/27] framework/profile: add a copy method to profile Dylan Baker New
[v4,9/27] tests: Copy profiles to allow them to be run in parallel Dylan Baker New
[v4,10/27] framework/programs/run: Only allow --test-list if one profile Dylan Baker New
[v4,11/27] framework/profile: Don't merge profiles Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,12/27] framework/programs/run: remove redundant list() around comprehension Dylan Baker New
[v4,13/27] framework/profile: Drop TestProfile.filter_tests Dylan Baker New
[v4,14/27] framework/programs/run: import framework.profile as profile Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,15/27] framework: Remove exclude_tests from options.OPTIONS Dylan Baker New
[v4,16/27] framework: Pull {include, exclude}_filter out of Options Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,17/27] framework/profile: Factor out check_all closure Dylan Baker New
[v4,18/27] framework/profile: Don't alter the TestProfile before running Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,19/27] framework/profile: Update __all__ Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,20/27] framework/profile: Update docstrings Dylan Baker New
[v4,21/27] framework/profile: Split try/except block Dylan Baker New
[v4,22/27] framework/profile: replace Testprofile.{dmesg, monitoring} with dict Dylan Baker Accepted
[v4,23/27] framework/profile: remove unused argument from TestProfile.group_manager Dylan Baker New
[v4,24/27] framework/profile: Move group_manager from TestProfile to TestDict Dylan Baker New
[v4,25/27] framework/test/base: Remove timeout parameter Dylan Baker New
[v4,26/27] framework/test/ split the parser out of the class Dylan Baker New
[v4,27/27] tests/ Make add_fbo_depthstencil_tests take an adder Dylan Baker New