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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[v5,weston] xwm: Choose icon closest to target size 2018-03-27 Derek Foreman New
[RFC,weston] clients: Don't attach a buffer if mouse cursor surface is unchanged 2018-02-22 Derek Foreman New
[RFC] server: Add special case destroy signal emitter 2018-02-22 Derek Foreman New
[v2] protocol: Clarify the behaviour of wl_surface.attach 1 2017-02-14 Derek Foreman New
[weston,4/4] input: Detect keyboard capabilities 2015-05-05 Derek Foreman jadahl New
[weston,3/4] input: Move seat capability update sends out of init functions 2015-05-05 Derek Foreman jadahl New