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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[weston,2/6] libweston: Use the monotonic clock in weston_compositor_get_time 1 2016-12-05 Dima Ryazanov New
[weston,1/6] libweston: Pass the serial along with the other data in the show_window_menu API 2016-12-05 Dima Ryazanov New
doc: remove duplicate entries from 'Functions' in api docs 2016-11-25 Frank Jozsa New
[RFC,v2,wayland-protocols] tablet: define our own enum for tablet tool buttons 1 2016-11-20 Peter Hutterer New
xdg-shell: clarify popup constrain's slide mechanism 2 2016-11-16 Mike Blumenkrantz New
[wayland-protocols] tablet: specify the tool button numbers are simply sequentially numbered 1 2016-11-04 Peter Hutterer New
[weston,2/4] weston: Move output position setting to compositor 2016-09-30 Armin Krezović New
[weston] weston-launch: use custom error function 1 2016-09-29 Murray Calavera New
[weston,v6,6/6] clients: Add screensaver inhibitor client demo 2016-09-09 Bryce Harrington New
[weston,v6,5/6] shell: Inhibit idle fade-out behavior 2016-09-09 Bryce Harrington New
[weston,v6,4/6] libweston-desktop: Add listener and API to drop the idle inhibitor 2016-09-09 Bryce Harrington New
[weston,v6,3/6] compositor: Add public interface support for client-requested idle inhibition 2016-09-09 Bryce Harrington New
[weston,v3,3/3] compositor-x11: remove manual mouse button grab/ungrab 2016-06-30 Benoit Gschwind New
[weston,v2,2/2] weston-launch: Allow the user to use her login shell 1 2016-06-10 Quentin Glidic New
[weston,v2,1/3] gl-renderer: Add EGLDevice enumeration support 3 2016-05-18 Miguel Angel Vico pq New
weston: Don't exit just because tty is in gfx mode already 2016-05-16 Florian Hänel New
[weston,4/4] input: Detect keyboard capabilities 2015-05-05 Derek Foreman jadahl New
[weston,3/4] input: Move seat capability update sends out of init functions 2015-05-05 Derek Foreman jadahl New
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