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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
ssbo: fix min/max tests to specify std430 2 2019-06-26 Dave Airlie New
arb_gpu_shader_fp64/ssbo: add another vertex ssbo check. 1 2018-03-09 Dave Airlie New
arb_gpu_shader_fp64/ssbo: fix tests to skip is no vertex ssbo available. 1 2018-03-07 Dave Airlie New
shader_image: fix max images if fragment shader has limited outputs. 2018-02-28 Dave Airlie New
shader_image: decrease number of images in indexing test 1 2018-02-28 Dave Airlie New
arb_gpu_shader_int64: generate int64 conversion tests. 1 2016-06-20 Dave Airlie New
arb_gpu_shader_int64: add test generation to standard testing template 1 2016-06-10 Dave Airlie New
[2/2] arb_gpu_shader_int64: add builtin test generator. 2016-06-09 Dave Airlie New
[2/2] arb_separate_shader_objects: test for same struct redeclaration 2016-05-17 Dave Airlie New
[1/2] arb_separate_shader_objects: test linking of anon structs. 2016-05-17 Dave Airlie New
ssbo: fix rendering test to check for vertex ssbo support. 1 2016-02-15 Dave Airlie New
arb_shader_storage_buffer_object: add missing GLSL versions. 2016-01-27 Dave Airlie New
arb_shader_subroutine/arb_shader_fp64: test returning doubles from subroutines 2015-12-11 Dave Airlie New
ARB_viewport_index: add a rendering test using geom shader invocations. 2015-12-11 Dave Airlie New
getteximage-depth: new test to create/readback depth textures 2015-11-03 Dave Airlie New
arb_gpu_shader_fp64: test passing an array from vs->gs->fs works. 2015-10-12 Dave Airlie New
glsl-1.10: test for rotating a variable components in a loop 2015-09-02 Dave Airlie New