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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[2/2] s3tc: Silence compiler warnings when building for GLES 2019-01-22 Ian Romanick New
[RFC] glsl: Very mean test case for memory usage, scheduling, and register allocation 2018-11-21 Ian Romanick New
glsl-1.30: Reproduce a bug in the i965 backend optimizer 1 2018-09-12 Ian Romanick New
arb_shader_objects: Test some edge cases of glGetAttachedObjectARB 2016-01-22 Ian Romanick New
arb_direct_state_access: Also test texture parameters around glGenerateTextureMipmap 2016-01-21 Ian Romanick New
arb_vertex_program: Verify that unsupported functions generate errors 2015-09-09 Ian Romanick New