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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
arb_gl_spirv: add test for uniform blocks with the same structure 2018-11-21 Józef Kucia New
arb_viewport_array: add test for fractional viewport coordinates 2018-05-15 Józef Kucia New
[Crucible,2/2] Add test for separate bind points 2017-09-20 Józef Kucia New
[Crucible,1/2] func.compute.num-workgroups.basic: Properly begin recording commands 2017-09-20 Józef Kucia New
[Crucible,2/2] qonos: Create empty layouts for graphics pipelines 2017-09-09 Józef Kucia New
[Crucible,1/2] build: Do not overwrite user variables 1 2017-09-09 Józef Kucia jekstrand New
glx: add test for drawing to GL_FRONT between glxMakeCurrent() 2017-04-27 Józef Kucia New