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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
oclconform: Encode regex with 'unicode_escape' instead for 'string_escape' 2016-02-11 Tom Stellard New
[1/2] cl: Add generated tests for fract 2015-04-07 Tom Stellard New
[2/2] cl: Add test for reqd_group_work_size attribute 2015-03-24 Tom Stellard New
[1/2] get-kernel-work-group-info: Check value of CL_KERNEL_COMPILE_WORK_GROUP_SIZE 2015-03-24 Tom Stellard New
Add test for accessing a varying array with a large negative offset 2015-03-24 Tom Stellard New
cl: Add test case from opencv's knn_find_nearest kernel 2015-02-04 Tom Stellard New
oclconform: Join the bindir and executable name when running single tests 2014-09-22 Tom Stellard New
cl: Add tests for global atomc_add() 2014-09-19 Tom Stellard New