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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
piglit_drm_dma_buf: fix GPU offsets and strides 1 2017-06-19 Marek Olšák New
piglit_drm_dma_buf: fix NV12, YUV420, and YVU420 import tests for radeonsi 2019-05-13 Marek Olšák New
piglit_drm_dma_buf: fix the stride 1 2017-06-17 Marek Olšák New
pixelzoom: New test for glPixelZoom()/glDrawPixels() validation 2015-03-30 Daniel J Sebald New
polygon-mode-facing: verify facing information is preserved with unfilled prims 1 2015-12-22 New
polygon-mode: print more info if there's a failure 1 2017-06-16 Neha Bhende New
primitive-restart: change test for new OpenGL 4.5 behavior 2 2016-08-11 Nicolai Hähnle New
primitive-restart: extend the test to catch regressions of bug-109451 1 2019-02-01 andrey simiklit New
primitive-restart: run all tests even when there's a failure 1 2017-05-05 Neha Bhende New
profile: Don't exhaust generator when concurrency == "some" 2018-05-09 Arkadiusz Hiler New
quick_shader: Do not exclude tests in sanity profile. 2018-10-03 Rafael Antognolli New update test sets documentation 2019-06-05 apinheiro New
README: change recommended option from i386 to x86 2017-03-02 Konstantin Kharlamov New
README: correct flags for 32-on-64 build 2017-03-03 Konstantin Kharlamov New
README: waffle is available from Ubuntu repositories via the package libwaffle-dev. 2016-04-06 Erik Brangs New
Remove a useless GLU depedency 1 2017-07-14 Marek Olšák New
rendermode-feedback: fix a crash 2019-05-25 Marek Olšák New
RFC [PATCH] shader: Test to check conditional component access in loops 2017-08-03 Gert Wollny New
RFC: update test sets documentation 2019-06-03 apinheiro New
s3tc-errors: check GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage errors 2014-09-04 Brian Paul New
s3tc-errors: check GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage errors 2014-08-15 Brian Paul New
s3tc-errors: Fix GCC unused-variable warning. 1 2 2019-04-22 Vinson Lee New
select: Fix Clang absolute-value warnings. 2015-03-04 Vinson Lee New
shader_image: decrease number of images in indexing test 1 2018-02-28 Dave Airlie New
shader_image: fix max images if fragment shader has limited outputs. 2018-02-28 Dave Airlie New
shader_runner: added "probe atomic counter buffer" command 2018-02-21 Antia Puentes New
shader_runner: Check sscanf return value. 1 2016-11-04 Vinson Lee New
shader_runner: don't abort on atomic counter subtest failure 1 2019-05-24 Marek Olšák New
shader_runner: report PIGLIT_FAIL if linking unexpectedly fails 1 2016-10-18 Brian Paul New
shader_runner: skip GLSL version check when running SPIR-V shaders 2019-02-02 apinheiro New
shaders: add test for recursive variable indexing into arrays 2016-03-03 Iago Toral Quiroga New
shaders: Make glsl-fs-lots-of-tex less susceptable to rounding error. 2014-07-11 Jason Ekstrand New
ssbo: fix min/max tests to specify std430 2 2019-06-26 Dave Airlie New
ssbo: fix rendering test to check for vertex ssbo support. 1 2016-02-15 Dave Airlie New
stencil_texturing: Allow testing of texelFetch also 2014-02-19 Topi Pohjolainen New
tess: avoid reading past the end of the gl_in array 2015-07-29 Ilia Mirkin New
Test multiple inout parameters with arrays of arrays 2016-05-09 Juan A. Suarez Romero New
Test that ES frag shader with invariant outputs compiles 2019-01-09 Danylo Piliaiev New
tests/deqp: add configuration option to control caselist generation 2019-06-06 apinheiro New
tests/deqp: use --deqp-case when generating case-list 2019-06-06 apinheiro New
tests/egl: add query test for egl_ext_image_dma_buf_import_modifiers 2018-06-07 Lionel Landwerlin New
tests/igt: dmesg noise is a kernel failure 1 2016-10-07 Daniel Vetter New
tests/igt: dmesg noise is a kernel failure 1 2016-10-06 Daniel Vetter New
tests/py_modules/ look for generated_tests in build dir 2017-04-07 Brian Paul New
tests/py_modules/ look for generated_tests in build dir (v2) 1 2017-04-07 Brian Paul New
tests/sanity: Add utf-8 encoding to file 2018-07-16 Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho New
tests/spec/gl-4.5: Added test case for glCreateBuffers 2015-03-09 Aditya Atluri New
tests: Add integration with Khronos CTS OpenGL runner 1 2016-05-18 Juan A. Suarez Romero New
tests: add INTEL_blackhole_render 1 2018-03-15 Lionel Landwerlin New
tests: fix unicode issue on MinGW in 2018-05-03 Brian Paul New
tests: intel_blackhole_render: use GLSL ES 1.0 on ES profiles 1 2018-04-09 Lionel Landwerlin New
tex-miplevel-selection: avoid generating errors in glEnable/Disable 2016-03-21 Brian Paul New
tex-miplevel-selection: only require glsl 1.30 for textureOffset 2DArrayShadow 1 2016-04-19 New
tex-miplevel-selection: use EXT_framebuffer_object 2018-12-28 Ilia Mirkin New
teximage-colors: accept -127 instead of -128 for exact snorm up/download 2018-01-08 New
teximage-colors: fix bogus precision assumptions and other issues 2014-10-09 New
teximage-colors: fix divide by zero issue 2014-09-17 Brian Paul New
texsubimage-depth-formats: check for ARB_depth_buffer_float 2015-03-16 Ilia Mirkin New
texture-integer: use usampler/uint value 2015-11-21 Ilia Mirkin New
textureGather: add new options for testing mirror address modes 1 2017-12-10 New
textureSize: try retrieving multiple components to tickle a driver bug 2018-04-21 Ilia Mirkin New
tfp: Also test with GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE 1 2018-07-10 Jason Ekstrand New
ubo/execution: test {row, column}_major mat4 access 2018-01-09 Florian Will New
unsized_array_member: It should expect link success instead of link error 2018-06-14 Eleni Maria Stea New
util-gl: use num_components when available when printing bad pixel ubyte 2018-02-02 apinheiro New
util/framework/glut: check if we have a core profile 2014-06-25 Brian Paul New
util: Add piglit_alloc_aligned support for Mac OS X. 2015-02-21 Vinson Lee New
util: call fflush() after printf() calls 1 2017-06-07 Neha Bhende New
util: call fflush() after printf() calls 1 2017-06-07 Charmaine Lee New
util: call fflush() after printf() calls 2017-06-07 Brian Paul New
util: Fix texture name returned by piglit_integer_texture() 2016-04-25 Chad Versace New
util: fix Windows stdout/stderr buffering 1 2017-06-08 Neha Bhende New
util: probe pixel rectangles as ubyte if possible 2016-04-11 Marek Olšák New
util: remove -compat from arguments so as not to confuse tests 1 2017-11-09 Marek Olšák New
util: reorganize read_pixels_float() 2018-03-28 Brian Paul New
util: Use Sleep for Windows. 2016-11-12 Vinson Lee New
V4. Add a case to valid gl_VertexID for bug 87611 2015-04-01 Wang, Shuo New
vbo: allow specifying different formats 2015-12-09 Ilia Mirkin New
vbo: allow specifying different formats 2015-10-13 Ilia Mirkin New
version-mixing: gl_FragColor built-in is not available in core profile >= 4.20 1 2016-04-13 Nicolai Hähnle New
vertex-attrib-pointer-type-size-match: use a VAO for GL 3.0 and later. 2014-07-17 Brian Paul New
vulkan/shader_draw_parameters: Add a test for gl_BaseVertex 2018-11-08 Neil Roberts New
vulkan: Add a test for the OpFUnord* comparisons 2018-11-08 Neil Roberts New
vulkan: Add some tests for block member decorations 1 2019-01-24 apinheiro New
vulkan: Add some tests for block member decorations 1 2019-01-23 apinheiro New
vulkan: Add tests for block layout location calculations 2018-11-08 Neil Roberts New
vulkan: Add tests for double vertex inputs 2019-01-24 apinheiro New
vulkan: Add tests for interpolateAt* 2018-11-08 Neil Roberts New
wgl: add new multi-context, multi-window rendering tests 1 2017-07-12 Neha Bhende New
wgl: initial check-in of wgl utility code and wgl sanity check program 2017-07-11 Brian Paul New
winsys-framework Default to showing window 2015-08-13 Alex Goins New
xor-copypixels: simple test of glCopyPixels in XOR mode 1 2016-05-16 Charmaine Lee New
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