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for gles v1 extension oes_query_matrix 2013-12-12 Huang Jun New
[1/1] Add a test for rendering with the first draw buffer binding set to GL_NONE. 2013-12-25 Henri Verbeet New
[2/4] arb_texture_view: Constrain accessible mip levels correctly 2014-01-12 Chris Forbes New
[3/4] arb_texture_view: Pass correct layer index to shader 2014-01-12 Chris Forbes New
[1/2] arb_viewport_array: Test glScissor indexed ignore invalid width/height 2014-01-23 Jon Ashburn New
[2/2] arb_viewport_array: Test glViewport indexed ignores invalid width/height 2014-01-23 Jon Ashburn New
glx-choosefbconfig-defaults: New glXChooseFBConfig test 2014-02-02 Fredrik Höglund New
[v2,1/2] Add test for KHR_gl_texture_image EGL extension 2014-02-07 Ander Conselvan de Oliveira New
[v2,2/2] Add test for KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image EGL extension 2014-02-07 Ander Conselvan de Oliveira New
max-texture-size: test non-proxy targets with max size from proxy test 2014-02-07 Brian Paul New
cl-api-get-kernel-info: Fix possible use after free. 2014-02-08 Vinson Lee New
[1/5] cmake: Search for udev.pc on Linux 2014-02-09 Chad Versace New
[3/5] egl: Use piglit_require_egl_extension() when appropriate 2014-02-09 Chad Versace New
[4/5] util/egl: Support querying client extensions 2014-02-09 Chad Versace New
[5/5] EGL_EXT_platform_base: Add tests for Linux platform extensions 2014-02-09 Chad Versace New
EGL_NOK_texture_from_pixmap test for OpenGL ES 2.0 2014-02-10 Tapani Pälli New
stencil_texturing: Allow testing of texelFetch also 2014-02-19 Topi Pohjolainen New
fbo-blit-after-swap: New test for partial blits after a buffer swap 2014-02-26 Federico Mena Quintero New
[v2,1/6] nv_non_square_matrices: Add negative compile tests 2014-02-27 Rafal Mielniczuk New
[v2,2/6] nv_non_square_matrices: Add positive compile tests 2014-02-27 Rafal Mielniczuk New
[v2,3/6] nv_non_square_matrices: Add tests for the preprocessor define 2014-02-27 Rafal Mielniczuk New
[v2,4/6] nv_non_square_matrices: Add getActiveUniform and Attrib test 2014-02-27 Rafal Mielniczuk New
[v2,6/6] nv_non_square_matrices: Add glUniformMatrix?x?fvNV tests 2014-02-27 Rafal Mielniczuk New
Add a test for mix where the second operand is zero. 2014-03-01 Kenneth Graunke New
max-texture-size: use width=height=2 for glTexSubImage calls 2014-03-01 Brian Paul New
[1/3] glapi: Support for INTEL_performance_query. 2014-03-12 Petri Latvala New
[2/3] util: Add INTEL_performance_query support to piglit_get_gl_enum_name(). 2014-03-12 Petri Latvala New
[3/3] Add tests for the INTEL_performance_query extension. 2014-03-12 Petri Latvala New
arb_fcc: Add another test for a gl_FragCoord redeclaration edge case 2014-04-13 Chris Forbes New
fixed-oes_compressed_etc2_texture-miptree-failure 2014-04-21 Guo, Johney New
gen_delete_while_active: glEndQuery can be called even if the query has been deleted. 2014-04-22 Corentin Wallez New
FW: [PATCH] fixed oes compressed etc2 texture miptree failure 2014-04-23 Guo, Johney New
[4/9] Add piglit_set_timeout for tests that might hang. 2014-04-24 Jamey Sharp New
[9/9] Validate that SwapBuffers doesn't re-use an MSC. 2014-04-24 Jamey Sharp New
khr_debug: add basic tests for glDebugMessageControl 2014-04-25 Chia-I Wu New
fbo-depth: remove hard-coded BUF_SIZE, use piglit_probe_rect_depth() 2014-04-28 Brian Paul New
cl: Add test for the r600g mapping bug 2014-05-19 Bruno Jimenez New
cl: Add tests for the behavior of buffers mapped for read 2014-05-29 Bruno Jimenez New
gl-2.0/vertexattribpointer: new test for glVertexAttribPointer 2014-06-01 Brian Paul New
cl: Add test for alignment problems 2014-06-11 Bruno Jimenez New
cl: Add test for checking the behavior of unused mappings 2014-06-13 Bruno Jimenez New
gl-3.0-vertexattribipointer: add argv support for running single tests 2014-06-16 Brian Paul New
pbo-readpixels-small: restore 2x2 window size, report SKIP for other sizes 2014-06-18 Brian Paul New
fbo-blit-stretch: Try rendering to a texture as well 2014-06-23 Neil Roberts New
glsl-1.10: Add simple test to check for code generated by clamp bounded within 1, 0 2014-06-23 Abdiel Janulgue New
util/framework/glut: check if we have a core profile 2014-06-25 Brian Paul New
[1/2] ext_texture_integer: add error-checking test 2014-06-27 Brian Paul New
[2/2] gl-3.0/integer-errors: do more glTexImage parameter error checking 2014-06-27 Brian Paul New
fbo: Test using glBlitFramebuffer to convert between formats 2014-07-01 Neil Roberts New
ARB_uniform_buffer_object: Add test for discard with UBO. 2014-07-01 Cody Northrop New
arb_texture_multisample: add new fetch-texel test 2014-07-08 Brian Paul New
shaders: Make glsl-fs-lots-of-tex less susceptable to rounding error. 2014-07-11 Jason Ekstrand New
vertex-attrib-pointer-type-size-match: use a VAO for GL 3.0 and later. 2014-07-17 Brian Paul New
BPTC float variants test case. 2014-07-26 Glenn Kennard New
[1/3] util: add piglit_2darray_texture() function 2014-07-31 Brian Paul New
[2/3] shader_runner: add support for rgbw 2DArray texture setup 2014-07-31 Brian Paul New
[3/3] ext_texture_array: add a simple rendering test 2014-07-31 Brian Paul New
ext_unpack_subimage: Ensure piglit_probe_pixel_rgba is checked. 2014-08-07 Vinson Lee New
arb_texture_storage: allow for depth component formats to be unsupported 2014-08-10 Ilia Mirkin New
[1/2] Use after free bugs 2014-08-15 Jonathan Scott \"Tincman\" Tinkham New
Default window sizes and NPOT 2014-08-15 Brian Paul New
s3tc-errors: check GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage errors 2014-08-15 Brian Paul New
Add a basic teximage color conversion test 2014-08-22 Jason Ekstrand New
[2/3] util: add piglit_probe_rect_r_ubyte 2014-08-23 Marek Olšák New
[3/3] fbo-depth-array: rewrite the test to make it really comprehensive 2014-08-23 Marek Olšák New
arb_uniform_buffer_object: reduce requirements 2014-08-26 Chris Forbes New
[1/8] shader_runner: Clamp the SIZE directive to the platform's minimum size. 2014-08-29 Eric Anholt New
[2/8] Declare how big of a window we actually need. 2014-08-29 Eric Anholt New
[4/8] shader_runner: Add a non-relative, rgba variant of relative probe rect rgb. 2014-08-29 Eric Anholt New
[5/8] gen_builtin_uniform_tests: Take advantage of draw_rect support for core contexts. 2014-08-29 Eric Anholt New
[8/8] Remove dead code and update comment. 2014-08-29 Eric Anholt New
[1/3] cl: Add floating point rounding tests 2014-08-29 Aaron Watry New
framework: Use os.mkdirs instead of os.mkdir for summary subfolders 2014-08-30 Jason Ekstrand New
arb_gpu_shader_fp64: add basic uniform fs test with constant initializer 2014-09-01 Abdiel Janulgue New
s3tc-errors: check GL_ARB_compressed_texture_pixel_storage errors 2014-09-04 Brian Paul New
arb_texture_view-sampling-2d-array-as-cubemap: Probe the correct rectangle 2014-09-04 Jason Ekstrand New
cl: Add atomic_max local tests 2014-09-08 Aaron Watry New
Add a test for glTexImage2D + PBO + small offset 2014-09-15 Cody Northrop New
teximage-colors: fix divide by zero issue 2014-09-17 Brian Paul New
cl: Add tests for global atomc_add() 2014-09-19 Tom Stellard New
oclconform: Join the bindir and executable name when running single tests 2014-09-22 Tom Stellard New
fix CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE bug. 2014-09-27 Luo, Xionghu New
teximage-colors: fix bogus precision assumptions and other issues 2014-10-09 Roland Scheidegger New
fix CL_KERNEL_GLOBAL_WORK_SIZE bug. 2014-10-10 Luo, Xionghu New
[1/2] Ported the glsl1 test from Glean to Piglit. 2014-10-14 Laura Ekstrand New
[2/2] Removed Glean glsl1 test. 2014-10-14 Laura Ekstrand New
framework: Listen to 'info'-level dmesg as well. 2014-11-04 Kenneth Graunke New
[v2] Remove ARB_timer_query / EXT_timer_query from 2014-11-18 Mark Janes New
gl-2.0: Add test for interaction between pointsprites and const attribs 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
gl-2.0: Add test for interaction between pointsprites and const attribs 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
gl-2.0: Add test for pointsprite state with non-point primitives 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
ext_texture_array: add simple API errors test 2014-12-02 Brian Paul New
Add test for SSO geometry shader inputs 2014-12-14 Pavol Klačanský New
Correct type to GLuint in ValidateProgramPipeline.c 2014-12-14 Pavol Klačanský New
cl-api-create-program-with-binary: Match variable type in calloc. 2014-12-20 Vinson Lee New
[1/2] teximage-colors: Add support for testing PBO uploads 2015-01-09 Jason Ekstrand New
[2/2] teximage-colors: Improve --benchmark option 2015-01-09 Jason Ekstrand New
cl: Add test case from opencv's knn_find_nearest kernel 2015-02-04 Tom Stellard New
arb_direct_state_access: New test for glCompressedTextureSubImage*D. 2015-02-13 Laura Ekstrand New
arb_direct_state_access: Testing glCompressedTextureSubImage1D. 2015-02-13 Laura Ekstrand New
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