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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
framework: update deqp mustpass list for text based mustpass 1 2018-04-11 Dylan Baker New
framework: Use os.mkdirs instead of os.mkdir for summary subfolders 2014-08-30 Jason Ekstrand New
Fresh type error fix 2016-09-16 Dan Kegel New
FW: [PATCH] fixed oes compressed etc2 texture miptree failure 2014-04-23 Guo, Johney New
gen_delete_while_active: glEndQuery can be called even if the query has been deleted. 2014-04-22 Corentin Wallez New
general/draw: Test that checks propper render order in mixed draw setups. 1 2018-07-13 Mathias Fröhlich New
general/draw: Test that checks propper render order in mixed draw setups. 1 2018-06-05 Mathias Fröhlich New
general: Add a spot light sanity check 2016-08-20 Daniel Scharrer New
generators: fix incorrect generated_tests/spec/glsl-110, etc. dir names 1 2017-11-17 Charmaine Lee New
generators: fix incorrect generated_tests/spec/glsl-110, etc. dir names 1 2017-11-17 Brian Paul New
genmipmap-errors, gl-3.0-texture-integer: delete some unsupported formats 2017-04-25 sandra koroniewska New
genned-names: correct the parameter for glBindBufferRange 2017-05-05 sandra koroniewska New
get-active-attrib-array: allocate a sufficiently large buffer 1 2017-02-22 Nicolai Hähnle New
getteximage-depth: new test to create/readback depth textures 2015-11-03 Dave Airlie New
gl-1.0-blend-func: skip some blend tests when using LLVM 3.8 1 2018-01-18 Brian Paul New
gl-1.0-dlist-bitmaps: add code to exercise deleting lists 2016-02-16 Brian Paul New
gl-1.0-logicop: allow testing single mode on the command line 1 2017-11-09 Brian Paul New
gl-1.0-simple-renderbuffer: add a protection from test failure when an user fbo is defined 1 2017-04-25 sandra koroniewska New
gl-1.0/swapbuffers-behavior: Try avoid reading from real front 2017-06-21 Thomas Hellstrom New
gl-1.0: Bitmap test that draws zelda hearts. 2018-04-23 Laura Ekstrand New
gl-1.1: Add a new test for large vertex counts. 2016-04-12 Eric Anholt New
gl-1.3-alpha_to_coverage_nop: new test of no-op GL_SAMPLE_ALPHA_TO_COVERAGE 1 2016-09-15 Brian Paul New
gl-1.4: test some glMultiDrawArrays error conditions 2017-04-13 Nicolai Hähnle New
gl-1.5-get-array-attribs: exercise glGetIntegerv, etc. with vertex arrays 1 2018-05-09 Charmaine Lee New
gl-2.0/vertexattribpointer: new test for glVertexAttribPointer 2014-06-01 Brian Paul New
gl-2.0: Add test for interaction between pointsprites and const attribs 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
gl-2.0: Add test for interaction between pointsprites and const attribs 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
gl-2.0: Add test for pointsprite state with non-point primitives 2014-11-25 Chris Forbes New
gl-3.0-vertexattribipointer: add argv support for running single tests 2014-06-16 Brian Paul New
gl-3.1-mixed-int-float-fbo: new mixed integer/float FBO test 2016-09-29 Brian Paul New
gl-3.2-adj-prims: new test of adjacency primitives with rendering options 2016-05-24 Brian Paul New
gl-3.2-compat: test gl_FogFragCoord built-in with geometry shaders 1 2018-05-25 Timothy Arceri New
gl-3.2-compat: test gl_TexCoord[] built-in with geometry shaders 2018-05-22 Timothy Arceri New
gl-3.2/adj-prims: fix expected vertex order for triangle strips with adjacency 2016-10-31 Nicolai Hähnle New
gl-3.2: add layered rendering test doing clipping 1 2015-12-04 Roland Scheidegger New
gl-4.5/compare-framebuffer-parameter-with-get: add test 2017-02-02 apinheiro New
gl-4.5/named-framebuffer-draw-buffers-errors: add a new test 1 2017-01-31 apinheiro New
gl30basic: add some extra suspected extension 2017-08-04 Brian Paul New
gl30basic: add some extra suspected extension 2017-06-29 sandra koroniewska New
gl30basic: add some extra suspected extension 2017-04-24 sandra koroniewska New
GL_ARB_draw_instanced/dlist: Fix crash 2016-12-08 Arthur Huillet New
GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object: New test for error behavior. 2018-06-04 Illia Iorin New
GL_MESA_framebuffer_flip_y: Basic usage tests 2018-09-14 Fritz Koenig New
GL_MESA_framebuffer_flip_y: Testing using gl_FragCoord 2018-09-17 Fritz Koenig New
gles-3.0: test for vertex attribute aliasing 2018-09-25 Tapani Pälli New
glsl-1.10: add a 'initialization-incompatible-type-propagation' test 2018-08-15 Danylo Piliaiev New
glsl-1.10: add a test that has an a while loop with unconditional return 1 2015-12-02 Ilia Mirkin New
glsl-1.10: Add simple test to check for code generated by clamp bounded within 1, 0 2014-06-23 Abdiel Janulgue New
glsl-1.10: add tests of vector relation functions 2016-11-07 Boyan Ding New
glsl-1.10: test for rotating a variable components in a loop 2015-09-02 Dave Airlie New
glsl-1.10: test unreachable code in a loop is not accessed 1 2019-03-21 Timothy Arceri New
glsl-1.20: test declaring gl_Position with the invariant qualifier. 1 2016-10-18 Brian Paul New
glsl-1.30: Reproduce a bug in the i965 backend optimizer 1 2018-09-12 Ian Romanick New
glsl-1.50-geometry-end-primitive: ensure position data is reasonably aligned 2016-01-09 Roland Scheidegger New
glsl-fs-discard-mrt: Fix binding the winsys framebuffer in -fbo mode. 1 2017-11-18 Eric Anholt New
glsl-fs-discard-mrt: New test for bug 75207 2015-07-09 Eric Anholt New
glsl-sdl-sincos-accuracy: Add a new test for a vc4 bug with SDL2. 1 2018-09-22 Eric Anholt New
glsl: Correct several built-in functions availability 2018-10-31 Vadym Shovkoplias New
glsl: update assumption in array out of bounds test 2017-03-30 Timothy Arceri New
glslparsertest: Handle compute and tessellation shaders in ES. 1 2016-05-13 Kenneth Graunke New
glx-choosefbconfig-defaults: New glXChooseFBConfig test 2014-02-02 Fredrik Höglund New
glx-multi-context-single-window: new GLX test 1 2017-07-11 Brian Paul New
glx-multithread-buffer: Add a new test reproducing a radeonsi bug 2019-05-13 Marek Olšák New
glx-multithread-clearbuffer: Check pthread_join return value. 2 2017-07-25 Vinson Lee New
glx-multithread-clearbuffer: new test reproducing amdgpu CS thread deadlock 1 2017-07-14 Marek Olšák New
glx-oml-sync-control-timing: Make test behavior more stable 2018-07-09 Illia Iorin New
glx: add test for drawing to GL_FRONT between glxMakeCurrent() 2017-04-27 Józef Kucia New
glx: add test for GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error 2017-08-03 Grigori Goronzy New
glx: destroy GLX pixmaps in fbconfig iteration 2017-01-27 Nicolai Hähnle New
glx: Fix glx-swap-exchange 1 2017-08-07 Thomas Hellstrom New
glx: Fix glx-swap-exchange v2 1 2017-08-17 Thomas Hellstrom New
glx: Fix make-current 1 2018-08-24 Ernestas Kulik New
glx: Introduce a glx-swap-copy test 1 2017-08-17 Thomas Hellstrom New
glx: make sure contexts are destroyed before we exit the test 2019-04-12 Timothy Arceri New
glx_arb_sync_control: Add timeout 2016-04-18 Marta Löfstedt New
i965/glsl: don't add unused aoa elements to the program resource list 2018-08-31 andrey simiklit New
Implement support for headless EGL through waffle. 2016-02-18 Ryan Houdek New
isinf-and-isnan: add clamp / min / max tests 1 2017-11-09 Roland Scheidegger New
khr_debug: add basic tests for glDebugMessageControl 2014-04-25 Chia-I Wu New
KHR_parallel_shader_compiler: new test 2018-11-29 Marek Olšák New
KHR_parallel_shader_compiler: new test (v2) 2019-02-25 Marek Olšák New
khr_texture_compression_astc: change the subtest array declaration to prevent the crash coming fr... 2017-06-06 sandra koroniewska New
main: Test for CreateBuffers. 2015-03-05 Laura Ekstrand New
Make ARB_shader_precision tests ignore 0.0 vs -0.0. 1 2016-05-16 Kenneth Graunke New
map_buffer_range_test: add tests to reproduce u_threaded & radeonsi bugs 1 2019-02-06 Marek Olšák New
Mark timer tests as not concurrent 1 2016-09-12 Nicolai Hähnle New
max-texture-size: test non-proxy targets with max size from proxy test 2014-02-07 Brian Paul New
max-texture-size: use width=height=2 for glTexSubImage calls 2014-03-01 Brian Paul New
mesa_tile_raster_order: Add a test for the extension. 2017-08-05 Eric Anholt New
minmax: change the glGet functions to accept 64-bit variables 2017-09-05 sandra koroniewska New
Move crash cubemap test from bugs/ to spec/ 2015-04-02 Guy-Daniel Tiku New
Move dma buf stuff from the GL framework to those tests. 2017-03-21 Kenneth Graunke New
msaa: add test to verify alpha-to-coverage together with alpha-to-one 2017-08-04 Brian Paul New
msaa: add test to verify alpha-to-coverage together with alpha-to-one 2017-08-04 Roland Scheidegger New
oclconform: Encode regex with 'unicode_escape' instead for 'string_escape' 2016-02-11 Tom Stellard New
oclconform: Join the bindir and executable name when running single tests 2014-09-22 Tom Stellard New
oes_texture_compression_astc: Add test for ASTC compressed 3D textures 1 2016-07-08 Anuj Phogat New
One additional test for arb_cull_distance + a fix 2016-05-08 Tobias Klausmann New remove unknown argument from ext_image_dma_buf_import-sample_yuv 2018-11-19 Dylan Baker New
pbo-readpixels-small: restore 2x2 window size, report SKIP for other sizes 2014-06-18 Brian Paul New
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