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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
x86/mm/kmmio: Fix returned errno code 2017-12-08 Vasyl Gomonovych New
x86/mm/kmmio: Fix mmiotrace for page unaligned addresses 1 1 2017-11-27 Karol Herbst Accepted
volt: use kernel's 64-bit signed division function 1 2016-09-16 Alexandre Courbot New
volt: Improve min/max deteaction of range based volting 1 2017-04-22 Karol Herbst New
volt: Fix for some cards having 0 maximum voltage 1 2019-08-02 Mark Menzynski New
volt/gk104: round up in gk104_volt_set 2016-04-16 Karol Herbst New
update known chipsets list 1 2019-01-27 Ilia Mirkin New
therm/gm200: Added 2017-07-03 Karol Herbst Accepted
tegra: acquire and enable reference clock if needed 1 2016-04-01 Alexandre Courbot New
swiotlb: fix ignored DMA_ATTR_NO_WARN request 2018-05-11 Mike Galbraith New
swiotlb: fix ignored DMA_ATTR_NO_WARN request 2018-05-12 Mike Galbraith New
subdev/volt/gk104: return error when read fails 2016-07-31 Karol Herbst New
secboot: print status message on success 2016-04-01 Alexandre Courbot New
secboot: fix NULL pointer dereference 2017-03-10 Alexandre Courbot New
secboot: fix inconsistent pointer checking 2017-03-15 Alexandre Courbot New
secboot/gm200: use proper memory target function 2016-03-01 Alexandre Courbot New
secboot/gm200: fix suspend/resume 2016-03-09 Alexandre Courbot New
secboot/acr352: reset PMU after secboot 2017-07-04 Karol Herbst New
rnndb: add some definitions from nvreg.h for pramdac 2016-10-12 Ilia Mirkin New
RFC: drm/nouveau: Make BAR1 support optional 2019-11-08 Thierry Reding New
RFC: [PATCH] x86/kmmio: fix mmiotrace for hugepages 1 2016-03-03 Karol Herbst New
Revert "PCI: Enable NVIDIA HDA controllers" 1 2019-07-31 Lyude Paul New
Revert "drm/nouveau/device/pci: set as non-CPU-coherent on ARM64" 2016-04-29 Robin Murphy New
ramgf100: Fix small typo. 2017-07-28 Rosen Penev New
present: rotated crtc's work fine 2019-01-23 Ilia Mirkin New
pmu: remove reset() hook 2016-10-27 Alexandre Courbot New
pmu/fuc: don't use movw directly anymore 2017-11-01 Karol Herbst New
platform: disable probe of GM20B 2016-03-31 Alexandre Courbot New
PCI: Use pci_reset_bus() in quirk_reset_lenovo_thinkpad_50_nvgpu() 1 1 2019-08-01 Lyude Paul New
PCI: Reprogram bridge prefetch registers on resume 2018-09-07 Daniel Drake New
PCI: Expose hidden NVIDIA HDA controllers 1 2019-06-13 Daniel Drake New
pci: do a msi rearm on init 1 2017-11-24 Karol Herbst New
pci: do a msi rearm on init 2017-11-24 Thierry Reding New
PCI: add prefetch quirk to work around Asus/Nvidia suspend issues 2018-08-31 Daniel Drake New
pci/quirks: Add quirk to reset nvgpu at boot for the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 2019-02-12 Lyude Paul New
pci/quirks: Add quirk to reset nvgpu at boot for the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 2019-04-04 Bjorn Helgaas New
pci/quirks: Add quirk to reset nvgpu at boot for the Lenovo ThinkPad P50 2019-04-24 Bjorn Helgaas New
pci/msi: disable MSI on big-endian platforms by default 2017-08-10 Ilia Mirkin New
pci/gp100: Enable changing pcie link speeds 2018-07-27 Karol Herbst New
Patch "PCI: Reset Lenovo ThinkPad P50 nvgpu at boot if necessary" has been added to the 5.1-stabl... 2019-05-23 Greg Kroah-Hartman New
Patch "PCI: Reset Lenovo ThinkPad P50 nvgpu at boot if necessary" has been added to the 5.0-stabl... 2019-05-23 Greg Kroah-Hartman New
nvkm/iccsense: Parse the resistors and config the right way 2016-07-27 Karol Herbst Accepted
nvc0: support for GP10B 1 2017-03-30 Alexandre Courbot New
nvc0: fix handling of inverted render condition 2017-08-17 Tobias Klausmann New
nvc0/ir: propagate immediates to CALL input MOVs 2017-08-12 Tobias Klausmann Superseded
NVAC "No Signal" 3 2016-10-18 poma New
nv50/ra: Only increment DefValue counter if we are going to spill 2017-08-19 Tobias Klausmann New
nv50/ir: Propagate third immediate src when folding OP_MAD 2016-10-02 Tobias Klausmann New
nv50/ir: mark STORE destination inputs as used 1 2019-10-14 Ilia Mirkin New
nv50/ir: Initialize all members of GCRA (trivial) 1 2017-08-11 Tobias Klausmann New
nv50/ir: constant fold OP_SPLIT 2016-09-27 Tobias Klausmann New
nv1a,nv1f/disp: fix memory clock rate retrieval 2017-01-20 Ilia Mirkin New
nv110/exa: update sched codes 2017-06-03 Aaryaman Vasishta New
noveau: emergency shutdown handling is overcomplex and broken 2016-10-25 Pavel Machek New
nouveau: Switch perms from macros to octal notations, module params readable to everyone 1 2016-04-11 poma New
nouveau: remove unused variables 2016-11-04 Karol Herbst New
nouveau: remove bogus uses of DMA_ATTR_SKIP_CPU_SYNC 2019-07-03 Christoph Hellwig New
nouveau: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions 2019-06-13 Greg Kroah-Hartman New
Nouveau: kernel hang on Optimus+Intel+NVidia GeForce 1060m 2017-09-13 Tobias Klausmann New
nouveau: hide gcc-4.9 -Wmaybe-uninitialized 1 2016-10-24 Arnd Bergmann New
nouveau: forward error generated while resuming objects tree 2019-03-28 Tobias Klausmann New
nouveau: Fix declarations with incorrect variables. 2017-07-29 Rosen Penev New
nouveau: codegen: Take src swizzle into account on loads 2016-04-07 Hans de Goede New
nouveau: bios pointers may be unaligned, use proper accessors 2016-07-27 Ilia Mirkin New
nouveau: Add missing PIPE_SHADER_CAP_INTEGERS to get_shader_param() 1 2016-04-11 Hans de Goede New
nouveau/led: prevent compiling the led-code if nouveau=y and leds=m 2016-12-07 Martin Peres New
nouveau/led: introduce CONFIG_DRM_NOUVEAU_LEDS 2016-12-07 Martin Peres New
nouveau/hmm: map pages after migration 2019-08-07 Ralph Campbell New
nouveau/codegen: dump tgsi floats as hex values 1 2017-11-14 Tobias Klausmann New
nouveau TRAP_M2MF still there on G98 2018-04-04 Māris Nartišs New
Nouveau nullptr on NVIDIA NVA8 2017-09-30 Woody Suwalski New
Nouveau dmem NULL Pointer deref (SVM) 2019-03-21 Tobias Klausmann New
Nouveau dmem NULL Pointer deref (SVM) 2019-03-21 Jerome Glisse New
Nouveau dmem NULL Pointer deref (SVM) 2019-03-21 Jerome Glisse New
next/master boot bisection: Oops in nouveau driver on jetson-tk1 2018-12-07 Guillaume Tucker New
module parameters: permissions as defines, readable to everyone 2016-04-10 poma New
mmu: ALIGN_DOWN correct variable 1 1 1 2018-03-03 Māris Nartišs New
mm/hmm: replace hmm_update with mmu_notifier_range 1 2019-07-23 Ralph Campbell New
mm/hmm: replace hmm_update with mmu_notifier_range 1 2019-07-24 Jason Gunthorpe New
maxwell,pascal: add scheduling data to shaders 2018-09-08 Rhys Perry New
ltc/gf100: use more reasonable timeout value 2016-03-01 Alexandre Courbot New
kms/nv50: reject interlaced modes if the hardware doesn't support it 2018-07-19 Karol Herbst New
kms/nv50: always call drm_dp_dpcd_write after drm_dp_mst_hpd_irq 2018-02-15 Karol Herbst New
kernel spew from nouveau/ swiotlb 2018-05-10 Mike Galbraith New
instmem/gk20a: add write barrier when releasing DMA object 2016-03-03 Alexandre Courbot New
initial support (display-only) for GP108 2017-07-03 Ilia Mirkin New
ibus/gk20a: use udelay() in interrupt context 2016-07-06 Alexandre Courbot New
hwmon: return EINVAL if the GPU is powered down for sensors reads 2019-06-18 Karol Herbst New
hwmon: fix crash on non-PCI platforms 2016-03-02 Alexandre Courbot New
HP Zbook17 Dock and UEFI conflict with GK107GLM aka Quadro K1100M 2017-02-01 Phil Turmel New
gr: fixup for legacy paths firmware lookup 2016-11-07 Alexandre Courbot New
gr: fallback to legacy paths during firmware lookup 2016-11-02 Alexandre Courbot New
gr/nv3x: fix instobj write offsets in gr setup 2016-07-27 Ilia Mirkin New
gr/nv3x: add 0x0597 kelvin 3d class support 2016-08-28 Ilia Mirkin New
gr/gf100-: correctly expose fecs methods for ctxsw start and stop 1 2019-02-17 Rhys Kidd New
gr/fuc: Store $r0 in interrupt handler 2016-03-10 Roy Spliet New
gpu:nouveau: Do not use unnecessary IS_ERR_VALUE when pm_runtime_* calls 2018-08-04 zhong jiang New
gpu: drm: Use list_{next/prev}_entry instead of list_entry 2018-03-19 Arushi Singhal New
gpu: drm: nouveau: Use list_for_each_entry_from_reverse 2018-03-27 Arushi Singhal New
gpu: drm: nouveau: nvkm: nv50: Replace mdelay() with msleep() in nv50_sensor_setup() 2018-08-04 Jia-Ju Bai New
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