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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
freedreno: Fix loading half-float immediate vectors 2018-12-03 Neil Roberts New
[3/3] spirv: Don’t use special semantics when counting vertex attribute size 2018-03-28 Neil Roberts New
[2/3] glsl_types: Rename parameter of glsl_count_attribute_slots 2018-03-28 Neil Roberts New
[1/3] spirv: Handle location decorations on block interface members 2018-03-28 Neil Roberts New
[v2] i965/meta-util: Convert the clear color through the surf format 2018-01-11 Neil Roberts New
[2/2] intel/compiler: Use emit_emplace in the builders 2017-09-22 Neil Roberts New
[1/2] intel/compiler: Add a placement version of emit to the builders 2017-09-22 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,2/2] i965/fs: Improve search for the argument source in opt_zero_samples 2015-10-20 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev] i965/fs: Run all of the optimisations after lower_load_payload 2015-10-15 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,v2] i965/fs: Don't use the pixel interpolater for centroid interpolation 2015-07-09 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev] i965: Don't create a temp PBO when uploading data from glTexImage* 2015-06-12 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,v2] format_utils: Use a more precise conversion when decreasing bits 2015-01-15 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,v2] i965: Allow intel_try_pbo_upload for 3D and array textures 2014-12-23 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,2/3] i965: Allow GL_UNPACK_SKIP_ROWS/PIXELS in intel_try_pbo_upload 2014-12-22 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,1/3] i965: Use try_pbo_upload for glTexSubImage* as well 2014-12-22 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,v2] i965: Sort array elements to increase chances of reusing buffer relocation 2014-12-02 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev] Include the border size when determining the rb size from a texture 2014-07-02 Neil Roberts New
[Mesa-dev,demos] Add an example using GBM and libdrm to render in stereoscopic 3D 2014-06-03 Neil Roberts New