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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
clover: Fix build after clang r367864 2019-08-06 Jan Vesely New
[3/3] amd: Apply elf relocations and allow code with relocations 2019-06-04 Jan Vesely New
[2/3] amd: Check return value from ac_elf_read 2019-06-04 Jan Vesely New
[1/3] amd: Add relocation type and relocation target type to reloc structure 2019-06-04 Jan Vesely New
meson, anv: Add inc_vulkan to include directories 2018-12-23 Jan Vesely New
[1/2] .travis: Add LLVM-7 Clover build 2018-09-12 Jan Vesely New
clover: Reduce wait_count in abort path. 2018-07-25 Jan Vesely New
clover: Don't extend illegal integer types. 1 2018-07-25 Jan Vesely New
[3/3] travis: Add clover llvm-6.0 build 2018-05-22 Jan Vesely New
[2/3] clover: Cleanup compat code for llvm < 3.9 2018-05-22 Jan Vesely New
[1/3] clover: Fix build after llvm r332881. 2018-05-22 Jan Vesely New