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[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium/radeon: remove unused radeon_llvm_reg_index_soa 2016-10-17 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium/radeon: store VM address in r600_resource 2014-08-06 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium/u_blitter: don't use an empty fragment shader if there's a colorbuffer 2014-08-18 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium/u_queue: rewrite util_queue_fence to allow multiple waiters 2016-06-21 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium/vl: use u_upload_mgr to upload vertices for vl_compositor 2014-01-13 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium: add PIPE_CAP_DEVICE_RESET_STATUS_QUERY 2015-04-29 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] gallium: use enums in p_shader_tokens.h 1 2016-04-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] glsl: add ir reader support for ir_barrier 2015-06-14 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] glsl_to_tgsi: fix out-of-bounds constant access and crash for uniforms 2015-04-11 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] mesa: fix interpretation of glClearBuffer(drawbuffer) 2013-12-05 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] mesa: split _NEW_TEXTURE into _NEW_TEXTURE_OBJECT & _NEW_TEXTURE_STATE 2017-03-23 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] r300g: remove support for DRM < 2.12.0 2016-02-24 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: align shader binaries to CP DMA alignment for optimal prefetch 2017-02-09 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: cosmetic changes in si_shader.c 2016-09-13 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: disable occlusion queries if they are not needed 2014-08-23 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: don't count special outputs for the VS export count 2015-05-24 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: enable some sampler fields to match the closed driver 2016-04-11 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: fix unaligned clear_buffer fallback 2015-11-08 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: implement 32-bit SNORM/UNORM/SSCALED/USCALED vertex formats 2017-01-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: move si_set_sampler_views to si_descriptors.c 2014-07-12 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: set up HTILE in descriptors only when level 0 is accessible 2017-07-31 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: skip LDS stores in TCS if there are no LDS output reads 2017-02-19 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: unreference framebuffer state with set_framebuffer_state 2016-06-22 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] radeonsi: upload shader rodata after updating scratch relocations 2015-07-16 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] rbug: fix crash in set_vertex_buffers 2014-08-18 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] st/vdpau: add h264 decoder level support 2015-04-20 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] tgsi: fix type-mismatch warning 2015-02-20 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/6] u_upload_mgr: pass alignment to u_upload_alloc manually 1 2015-12-21 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] gallium/radeon: let drivers specify SC_MODE_CNTL_1 fields 2016-06-24 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] gallium/radeon: simplify disabling render condition for u_blitter 2015-11-08 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] gallium/util: remove unused u_index_modify helpers 2017-02-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] gallium/util: remove util_draw_range_elements helper 1 2017-04-14 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] glsl/glcpp: use ralloc_sprint_rewrite_tail to avoid slow vsprintf 2 2017-01-01 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] glsl/lower_if: check more node types in check_control_flow -> check_ir_node 2016-10-28 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] r600g: move cayman MSAA setup to a common place 2014-03-07 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] r600g: simplify r600_set_occlusion_query_state 2016-04-08 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] r600g: use HTILE allocator from SI 2014-08-21 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: add checks for a NULL pixel shader 2015-10-22 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: add SWITCH_ON_EOI requirement for 4 SE parts 2015-10-22 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: compute shaders w/out LDS/barriers don't have lower register limit 1 2017-05-25 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: disable the patch ID workaround on SI when the patch ID isn't used (v2) 2017-06-07 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: don't flush CB/DB caches for performance counters 2016-04-17 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: export SampleMask from pixel shaders at full rate 2016-09-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: merge two if (indirect) statements 2017-04-14 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: remove a tautology sctx->framebuffer.nr_samples >= 1 2017-08-04 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: require that compiler threads are enabled 2017-03-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: set the DISABLE_WR_CONFIRM flag on CI-VI as well 1 2015-11-08 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] radeonsi: use SPI_SHADER_COL_FORMAT fields instead of export_16bpc 2016-01-19 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] st/mesa: bind NULL colorbuffers as specified by glDrawBuffers 2014-01-08 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] st/mesa: use pipe_blend_state::srgb_enable if the driver supports it 2017-06-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] tgsi/scan: get information about indirect 2D file access 2016-10-20 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] winsys/amdgpu: drop all IBs if at least one was rejected within the context 2017-01-20 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/7] winsys/amdgpu: remove an r600-only setting 2016-01-29 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/7] winsys/radeon: remove definitions already present in radeon_drm.h 2014-04-09 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] gallium/radeon: add a HUD query for PS draw ratio stats from separate DCC 1 2016-06-29 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] gallium/radeon: increase priority for shader binaries 2016-08-18 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/8] program: add a helper for rewriting FP position input to sysval 1 2016-01-08 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] r600g,radeonsi: cleanup of hex literals 2015-02-23 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] r600g: use last_gfx_fence like radeonsi 2016-08-02 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] radeonsi: apply a multi-wave workgroup SPI bug workaround to affected CIK chips 2016-11-30 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/8] radeonsi: do EarlyCSEMemSSA LLVM pass 2017-06-05 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/8] radeonsi: move dumping the last IB into its own function 2015-09-27 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/8] radeonsi: split ps.prolog.force_persample_interp into persp and linear bits 2016-06-30 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/8] st/mesa: allow GLSL 1.50 and 3.30 to be exposed 2013-11-24 Marek Olšák Superseded
[Mesa-dev,2/8] st/mesa: don't update clip state on VS changes if it has no effect 2016-08-07 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] egl: sort extension lists alphabetically 2015-06-10 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/9] gallium/radeon: remove unused r600_texture::pitch_override 2015-12-02 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/9] gallium/util: add u_bit_scan64 2015-02-01 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/9] gallium: decrease the size of pipe_stream_output_info - 532 -> 268 bytes 2017-04-02 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] mesa: allow generating mipmaps for cube arrays 2014-03-15 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/9] radeonsi: clean up more HAVE_LLVM #ifdefs 1 2017-01-02 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] radeonsi: don't make a copy of pipe_index_buffer in draw_vbo 2017-03-29 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] radeonsi: flush DB caches only when transitioning from DB to texturing 2017-06-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] radeonsi: pass TGSI processor type to si_compile_llvm for dumping 2016-01-01 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] radeonsi: use V_BFE for extracting a sample index 2015-03-02 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,2/9] st/dri: resolve sRGB buffers in linear colorspace 2013-12-12 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,2/9] st/mesa: remove st_tracked_state::name 2016-07-18 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/20] gallium/radeon: remove VPORT_ZMIN/ZMAX from init config states 1 2016-08-29 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/20] radeonsi: remove all varyings for depth-only rendering or rasterization off 2016-11-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/22] radeonsi: move some inline functions from si_pipe.h to si_state.c 2014-01-22 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/23] mesa: remove Driver.BeginCallList 2015-09-27 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/23] radeonsi: move si_shader_dump call out of si_shader_binary_read 2016-01-06 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/24] ac: replace with if ADD_TID=0 2017-02-25 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/24] gallium/radeon: don't force the same tiling parameters for FMASK 2016-10-24 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/24] st/mesa: simplify get_texture_format_swizzle 2017-06-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/25] radeonsi: enable compiling one variant per shader 2016-02-15 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/26] mesa: Add support for asynchronous glDraw* on GL core. 2017-02-08 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/26] radeonsi: disable DCC on handle export if expecting write access 2016-03-02 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/27] radeonsi: update IA_MULTI_VGT_PARAM for tessellation 2015-06-16 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/31] mesa: don't flag _NEW_TRANSFORM for primitive restart 2017-06-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/42] radeonsi: convert sample mask state into an atom 2015-08-30 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,20/46] glsl: add tessellation shader parsing support. 2015-06-16 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,20/61] radeonsi/gfx9: define and set LS-HS user SGPRs 2017-04-24 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,21/22] radeonsi: remove open-coded PS_PARTIAL_FLUSH event 2014-01-22 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,21/23] mesa: remove Driver.EndCallList 2015-09-27 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,21/23] radeonsi: inline si_shader_binary_read 2016-01-06 Marek Olšák Accepted
[Mesa-dev,21/24] gallium/radeon: remove unused r600_cmask_info members 2016-10-24 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,21/24] radeonsi: detect and mark loads/stores from read-only/write-only memory 2017-02-25 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,21/24] st/mesa: samplers only need to track whether GLSL >= 130 2017-06-12 Marek Olšák New
[Mesa-dev,21/25] radeonsi: use smaller types for some si_shader members 1 2016-02-15 Marek Olšák New
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