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[01/25] util: move os_time.[ch] to src/util 2017-10-22 Nicolai Hähnle New
[01/26] python: Use the print function 2 2018-07-05 Mathieu Bridon Accepted
[01/26] spirv/nir: translate uniform blocks 2018-09-15 apinheiro New
[01/26] tgsi/scan: add uses_drawid 2019-02-13 Marek Olšák Accepted
[01/27] i965: Don't rely on nir for uses_texture_gather on gen <= 7 2017-08-19 Jordan Justen Superseded
[01/28] replace _mesa_is_pow_two with util_is_power_of_two_* 2018-11-09 Dylan Baker New
[01/28] spirv/nir: translate uniform blocks 2018-10-22 apinheiro New
[01/28] spirv: Update SPIR-V json and headers to Khronos master 2018-12-05 Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez Superseded
[01/28] vulkan/wsi: use function ptr definitions from the spec. 2017-11-17 Michael Schellenberger Costa New
[01/28] vulkan/wsi: use function ptr definitions from the spec. 2017-11-16 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/29] blorp: Handle the RGB workaround more like other workarounds 1 2018-01-27 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/29] intel/isl: Codify AUX operations in an enum 1 2017-11-28 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/30] mesa/main: make _mesa_has_tessellation return bool 2018-11-19 Erik Faye-Lund Accepted
[01/30] pan/midgard: Add missing parans in SWIZZLE definition 1 2019-09-28 Alyssa Rosenzweig Accepted
[01/31] nir/validate: Print when the validation failed 1 2018-10-22 Jason Ekstrand New
[01/31] swr/rast: Add missing parameter to a few gather functions 2018-02-13 Kyriazis, George New
[01/33] intel: common: expose gen_spec fields 2017-10-30 Lionel Landwerlin Accepted
[01/34] prog_to_nir: fix write from vps to PSIZ 2019-03-12 Karol Herbst New
[01/38] ac: add various helpers for float16/int16/int8 2018-12-07 Rhys Perry Superseded
[01/38] nir: Add src/dest num_components helpers 2018-03-21 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/42] panfrost: Prepare some code for MRT 2019-07-08 Alyssa Rosenzweig Accepted
[01/44] nir/opcodes: Fix constant-folding of ufind_msb 2 2017-09-05 Jason Ekstrand Superseded
[01/45] swr/rast: Add some instructions to jitter 2018-04-13 Kyriazis, George Accepted
[01/47] (0001) HACK: i965/fs: Disable SIMD32 dispatch for fragment with discard. 2018-05-21 Shaofeng Tang Accepted
[01/47] glsl: Add "built-in" function to do abs(fp64) 2017-08-23 Elie Tournier New
[01/47] glsl: Add 16-bit types 2017-08-24 apinheiro New
[01/48] meson: always define libglapi 2018-06-11 Dylan Baker New
[01/50] glsl: Add "built-in" function to do abs(fp64) 2018-03-13 Dave Airlie New
[01/51] nir: Prepare constant folding for 16-bits 2017-11-24 Topi Pohjolainen New
[01/53] intel/fs: Assert that the gen4-6 plane restrictions are followed 2018-05-24 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/55] radeonsi: call CS flush functions directly whenever possible 2018-04-02 Marek Olšák Accepted
[01/56] spirv: Add a vtn_constant_value helper 2 2018-03-07 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[01/59] compiler/spirv: handle 16-bit float in radians() and degrees() 1 2018-12-04 Iago Toral Quiroga New
[01/61] nir: Add src/dest num_components helpers 2018-03-23 Jason Ekstrand Superseded
[02/10] ac/nir: make use of ac_build_imin() where possible 2019-04-10 Samuel Pitoiset Accepted
[02/10] ac: add v3i32 to the common code and make use of it 2017-11-02 Timothy Arceri Accepted
[02/10] amd/common: clarify ac_shader_binary::lds_size 2019-05-03 Nicolai Hähnle New
[02/10] anv/android: Link to libsync, liblog in 2017-10-16 Chad Versace New
[02/10] anv/icl: Add #define genX 2018-02-16 Anuj Phogat Accepted
[02/10] anv/wsi: Use QueueSubmit to trigger the fence in AcquireNextImage 2017-08-08 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[02/10] cso: add a couple sanity check assertions in cso_draw_vbo() 2018-02-08 Brian Paul New
[02/10] dri_interface: add __DRI_IMAGE_TRANSFER_USER_STRIDE 2018-04-26 Marek Olšák New
[02/10] dri_interface: add __DRI_IMAGE_TRANSFER_USER_STRIDE 2018-04-25 Marek Olšák New
[02/10] egl/wayland: plug leaks in dri2_wl_create_window_surface() error path 1 2017-08-27 Emil Velikov Accepted
[02/10] egl: add simple EGL_EXT_device_base implementation 2018-08-03 Emil Velikov Superseded
[02/10] gallium: add CAPs to support HW atomic counters. (v2) 2017-11-02 Dave Airlie New
[02/10] gbm: don't deference createImageFromFds when it's NULL 1 2017-10-16 Emil Velikov New
[02/10] glsl: add missing include to ir_optimization.h 1 2018-04-10 Timothy Arceri Superseded
[02/10] glsl: do second pass of const propagation in loops 2018-06-28 Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho New
[02/10] glx: turn LIBGL_DIAGNOSTIC into a boolean 2017-09-08 Eric Engestrom Accepted
[02/10] i965/blit: Delete intel_emit_linear_blit 2018-05-11 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[02/10] i965: Don't request GLSL IR lowering of gl_VertexID 2017-11-10 Ian Romanick Superseded
[02/10] i965: perf: sklgt2: drop special programming for pre-production stepping 1 2018-05-04 Lionel Landwerlin Accepted
[02/10] i965: Support XRGB2101010 and ARGB2101010 compositing under DRI2. 2017-09-05 Mario Kleiner Superseded
[02/10] i965: Use the translated color logic op from the context 1 2018-01-12 Ian Romanick Accepted
[02/10] i965: Use the VAOs binding information in array setup. 2018-12-12 Mathias Fröhlich New
[02/10] intel/fs: Implement quad swizzles on ICL+. 2018-12-29 Francisco Jerez New
[02/10] mapi: remove non applicable HAVE_DIX_CONFIG_H hunk 2017-12-07 Emil Velikov Accepted
[02/10] mesa: include util/macros.h in format_fallback.c 2018-01-17 Brian Paul Accepted
[02/10] mesa: Use glVertexAttrib*NV functions for fixed function attribs. 1 2019-05-02 Mathias Fröhlich New
[02/10] mesa: Use the gl_vertex_array_object::Enabled bitfield. 2018-11-17 Mathias Fröhlich Accepted
[02/10] meson: run glsl compiler warnings test 2018-01-11 Dylan Baker New
[02/10] nir: evaluate loop terminator condition uses 2018-07-11 Timothy Arceri Superseded
[02/10] panfrost/decode: Expand pointers in compute descriptor 2019-06-19 Alyssa Rosenzweig New
[02/10] panfrost/midgard/disasm: Catch mask errors 2019-05-01 Alyssa Rosenzweig Accepted
[02/10] panfrost: Get rid of the panfrost_driver abstraction leftovers 2019-07-02 Boris Brezillon Accepted
[02/10] panfrost: Remove staging SFBD for pan_context 2019-03-13 Alyssa Rosenzweig Accepted
[02/10] radeon/winsys: add vcn jpeg ring type 2018-08-02 Zhang, Boyuan Accepted
[02/10] radv/gfx9: fix level count in color register setup. 2017-08-21 Dave Airlie Accepted
[02/10] radv: handle DCC image transitions before CMASK/FMASK transitions 2018-04-13 Samuel Pitoiset Accepted
[02/10] radv: Keep a global BO list for VkMemory. 1 2018-04-11 Bas Nieuwenhuizen New
[02/10] radv: select the pipeline outside of the loop when decompressing htile 2017-10-03 Samuel Pitoiset Accepted
[02/10] spirv: Make VertexIndex and VertexId both non-zero-based 1 2018-08-09 apinheiro New
[02/10] st/mesa: expose ARB_sync unconditionally 2018-01-10 Marek Olšák New
[02/10] swr/rast: Move clip/cull enables in API 2017-09-11 Tim Rowley Accepted
[02/10] swr/rast: Widen fetch shader to SIMD16 2017-11-20 Tim Rowley Accepted
[02/10] tgsi/ureg: always emit constants (and their decls) as 2D 2017-08-23 Nicolai Hähnle Accepted
[02/10] util: Add a virtual memory allocator 2018-05-04 Kenneth Graunke Superseded
[02/11] ac/nir: Determine if input attachments are used in the info pass. 2017-08-23 Bas Nieuwenhuizen Accepted
[02/11] ac/radeonsi: add workgroup_ids to the abi 2018-02-02 Timothy Arceri Accepted
[02/11] ac: make use of ac_get_store_intr_attribs() where possible 2019-03-12 Samuel Pitoiset Accepted
[02/11] ac: set +auto-waitcnt-before-barrier when needed 2018-06-18 Marek Olšák New
[02/11] freedreno: implement different pipe configuration for a20x 2018-10-08 Jonathan Marek Superseded
[02/11] freedreno: implement different pipe configuration for a20x 2018-09-17 Jonathan Marek Superseded
[02/11] gallium/util: start splitting u_debug into generic and gallium specific components 2018-10-29 Dylan Baker Accepted
[02/11] gallium: Use _DrawVAO for edgeflag enabled check. 2018-04-01 Mathias Fröhlich Accepted
[02/11] glsl/blob: Return false from grow_to_fit if we've ever failed 2017-10-11 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[02/11] glsl: add get_internal_ifc_packing() type helper 2017-08-17 Timothy Arceri Accepted
[02/11] glsl: add scaffolding for EXT_gpu_shader4 2018-08-08 Marek Olšák New
[02/11] i965: initialize SPIR-V capabilities 2018-03-26 Jason Ekstrand New
[02/11] i965: initialize SPIR-V capabilities 2018-03-08 apinheiro New
[02/11] i965: perf: store the hw_id of the context in the query 2018-03-08 Lionel Landwerlin New
[02/11] intel/common/icl: Add L3 config 2018-03-21 Matt Turner New
[02/11] intel/compiler: fix isign for 16-bit integers 1 2018-04-11 Iago Toral Quiroga Accepted
[02/11] intel/compiler: silence -Wclass-memaccess warnings 2018-07-16 Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho Accepted
[02/11] intel/fs: Handle IMAGE_SIZE in size_read() and is_send_from_grf() 1 2018-11-03 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[02/11] intel/tools/error: Drop support for non-ascii85 encoded error states. 1 2017-11-12 Kenneth Graunke Accepted
[02/11] intel/tools: Add the start of a generic batch decoder 2017-12-13 Jason Ekstrand Accepted
[02/11] loader/dri3: Make sure we always have a context for image blit operations 2017-08-11 Thomas Hellstrom Superseded
[02/11] mesa/st/glsl_to_tgsi: rename lifetime to register_live_range 2018-02-09 Gert Wollny Superseded
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