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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[6/6] Makefile.meson: add distclean target to remove Makefile and build dir 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[5/6] Makefile.meson: no need to have a separate default target 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[4/6] Makefile.meson: fix .PHONY deps 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[3/6] Makefile.meson: no need to mkdir build directory before running meson 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[2/6] Makefile.meson: use $(error ...) for errors 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[1/6] meson: split out simple makefile integration into a makefile 2017-10-24 Jani Nikula New
[5/8] tools/intel_vbt_decode: unify child device printing across versions 1 2017-10-19 Jani Nikula New
[05/10] tools/intel_vbt_decode: migrate timing dumping to kernel struct 2017-08-28 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx] README: add libkmod-dev and libprocps3-dev to dependencies 1 2016-12-23 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx] tests: do snd_hda_intel unbind before unload in module reload test 2016-10-31 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,2/3] tests: add facility to enable/disable hda dynamic debug in script based tests 2016-10-13 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,3/3] tools/intel_reg: add initial reg spec for broxton 2016-06-29 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,2/3] tools/intel_reg: try to find broxton register spec by codename 2016-06-29 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,09/17] tools/intel_bios_reader: move devid to context too 2016-05-03 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,04/17] tools/intel_bios_reader: add --devid parameter 2016-05-03 Jani Nikula New
[Intel-gfx,6/6] intel_bios_reader: dump MIPI sequence block v3 2016-01-14 Jani Nikula New
[i-g-t,2/2] tools/intel_reg: Print the potential port names in the help text 2015-09-10 Jani Nikula New
[i-g-t,v2] Disable tools that do not build for android 2015-06-15 Jani Nikula New
[i-g-t,10/10] rename global mmio variable to igt_global_mmio 2015-04-28 Jani Nikula New
[i-g-t,01/10] lib: add 16 and 8 bit versions of INREG and OUTREG 2015-04-28 Jani Nikula New
[RFC,i-g-t,1/1] intel_reg: introduce one intel_reg tool to rule them all 2015-04-01 Jani Nikula New