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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
profile: load the Radeon ICD for Vulkan as well 2018-01-31 Samuel Pitoiset New
Added RENDERCHECK_FORMATS variable to 2017-11-21 Humberto Perez New
user_parameters : added RENDERCHECK_FORMATS variable 2017-11-17 Humberto Perez New
[Ezbench-dev] Couple of patches 2017-04-28 Eero Tamminen New
[Ezbench-dev,3/3] smartezbench: allow specifying if a task is user- or auto-requested 2017-03-15 Martin Peres New
[Ezbench-dev,2/3] smartezbench: move "commits" to ["tasks"]["user"]["commits"] 2017-03-15 Martin Peres New
[Ezbench-dev,1/3] smartezbench: introduce a mechanism to update the state's format 2017-03-15 Martin Peres New