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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
Fix error in CMakeLists.txt of examples. 2015-06-18 Chuanbo Weng New
enable CL_RG + CL_UNORM_INT8 for image 2015-06-16 Guo Yejun New
Turn on OCL_STRICT_CONFORMANCE as default. 2015-06-15 Yang, Rong R New
[2/2] Use the Byte Gather after HSW when read byte/shor. 2015-06-15 Yang, Rong R New
[1/2] Use NP2 stack size to avoid cache line conflict. 2015-06-15 Yang, Rong R New
[2/2] use self test to determine enable/or disable atomics in L3 for HSW. 2015-06-12 Luo, Xionghu New
[1/2] fix global variable out of boundary writing in libocl. 2015-06-12 Luo, Xionghu New
runtime: we can accept large program global variable. 2001-01-01 Song, Ruiling New
GBE: try to avoid bank conflict in register allocator. 2001-01-01 Song, Ruiling New
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