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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
Fix build for XServer 1.13 2017-03-05 Jochen Rollwagen New
Calculate log base 2 in radeon.h based on clz for all platforms 2016-12-02 Jochen Rollwagen Accepted
Replace loop with clz to calculate log base 2 on non-x86 platforms in radeon.h 2016-11-28 Jochen Rollwagen Superseded
Use finer-grained pointer types in mem copying functions 2016-11-25 Jochen Rollwagen New
xf86-video-ati: Fix build for xserver < 1.13 2016-11-24 Jochen Rollwagen Accepted
Remove RADEON_HOST_DATA_SWAP_HDW case from RadeonCopySwap 2016-11-04 Jochen Rollwagen New
Fix RadeonCopyData bpp=2 case for big-endian 2016-11-04 Jochen Rollwagen Rejected