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xfree86: Do not claim pci slots if fb slot is already claimed 2019-01-02 Michal Srb New
dix: Track DevPrivateKey initialization by generation 1 2018-11-23 Michal Srb New
dix: Ignore initialized flag for screen-specific privates 2018-11-23 Michal Srb New
[xserver] man: Mention that InputClass overrides InputDevice. 2018-08-21 Michal Srb New
[xrandr] xrandr: Consider transform when placing monitors relatively to each other. 2018-04-24 Michal Srb New
randr: Do not crash if slave screen does not have provider. 2018-04-12 Michal Srb New
Tag forwarded X11 connection as remote 2017-10-02 Michal Srb New
[xserver,1/3] xfree86: Silence always true condition warning. 2017-03-27 Michal Srb New
[libXi,5/7] XIGrabDevice: Unlock display in error path. 2014-11-01 Michal Srb New
randr: Better verify providers in SetProvider* requests. 2014-06-13 Michal Srb New
Don't rely on reseting static variables after UnloadModule. 2012-06-26 Michal Srb New