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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[xrandr] xrandr: Consider transform when placing monitors relatively to each other. 2018-04-24 Michal Srb New
[app/xrandr] Fix checking for valid argument of --dpi 2018-04-12 Pali Rohár New
Fixed CRTC disable in xrandr causing scale issue 2018-03-05 Arsalan Awan New
[xrandr] Fixed CRTC disable in xrandr causing scale issue 2018-01-03 Arsalan Awan New
[xrandr] xrandr: output_name was uninitialized in get_outputs 2017-12-23 Keith Packard New
[RFC,xserver] xwayland: List all wl_output::mode(s) in xrandr 2017-11-29 Olivier Fourdan New
xrandr: Check if clone's state matches before connecting crtc 2017-11-22 Dasith Gunawardhana New
[xserver] xfree86: fix Xorg memory leak when run xrandr 2017-02-20 Xiaogang Chen New
[libXrandr,1/2] fix: doGetScreenResources() info: redundant null check on calling free() 2016-08-15 walter harms New
[xrandr,v2] Select NearestNeighbour filtering for pixel exact scaling 1 2016-04-04 Chris Wilson New
[xrandr] Pretty print modeFlags on unattached modes 2015-09-17 Chris Wilson New
[app/xrandr] xrandr: add --bottom-align and --right-align sub-options 2014-11-22 Pavel Kretov New
[2/2] xrandr: Rescale matrix to improve projective transformations accuracy 2014-08-21 Siarhei Siamashka New
[1/2] xrandr: Use rounding when converting from float to fixed point matrix 2014-08-21 Siarhei Siamashka New
xrandr: Fix bug in calling crtc_set_transform() 2014-08-16 Nikhil Mahale New
[RESEND,xrandr] Allow -x and -y switches to undo themselves 2014-06-11 Connor Behan New
xrandr:an additional decimal for frequencies 2014-02-17 Kevin Mitchell New
xrandr patch: an additional decimal place is required to distinguish different refresh rates in q... 2014-01-22 Kevin Mitchell New
[PATCH:libXrandr] Add cast to fix gcc warning. 2013-06-30 Thomas Klausner New
[PATCH:libXrandr] Add some casts for gcc with more warnings enabled. 2013-06-02 Thomas Klausner New
[PATCH:xrandr,2/2] Use __UNCONST to work around const problem. 2013-06-02 Thomas Klausner New
[xrandr] xrandr: print primary output 2012-12-19 Pierre-Loup A. Griffais New
[xrandr-utils,3/4] Add an A/B test comparing our xrandr's output with the installed xrandr 2012-02-16 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr] xrandr: dump configuration in parsable format 2012-02-13 Stefan Tomanek New
[xrandr-utils,7/8] Drop rectangle_t. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,6/8] Refactor geometry structs in xrandr.c to use libXrandrUtil's 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,4/8] Copy a few basic structs and enums from xrandr.c into header. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/8] Initial doc files. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,4/6] Add unit test suite and a basic test of the geometry structs. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,2/6] Import xrandr.c and its test as implementation examples. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/6] Initial packaging and directory structure. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New