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backport of evdev right mouse emulation code to evdev - 2.6.0 2011-11-03 Jools Wills New
[1/5] dix: don't InitXTestDevices if there's no XTest extension 2011-11-01 Paulo Zanoni New
[xf86-video-sis] Convert use of LookupWindow to dixLookupWindow 2011-10-30 Jeremy Sequoia New
Trying to add kdrive evdev touchscreen support, ran into some problems. 2011-10-27 Marko Kati? New
Move GC->miTranslate flag to ScreenRec. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[3/3] Move pixmap size limit checking to CreatePixmap, from screen hooks. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[2/3] Introduce CreatePixmap, allocating a header and calling screen hooks. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[1/3] Have FreePixmap call screen hooks, not the other way around. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[resend,3/3] CreateRootWindow: Set root windows' drawable.x/y to -pScreen->x/y. 2011-10-01 Jamey Sharp New
=?UTF-8?q?=5BPATCH=202/2=5D=20Xephyr=3A=20Delete=20Linux=20evdev=20support=2E?= 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
Delete * entries that are never defined now. 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
[xdm,3/3] xdmcp: use getnameinfo() to get a name from a struct sockaddr 2010-03-24 Julien Cristau New
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