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[SECURITY] XKB: Workaround for CVE-2012-0064: Stop calling UngrabAllDevices(). 2012-01-19 Daniel Stone New
[xf86-video-mga] enables resolutions greater than 1280x1024 on G200eW Nuvoton 2012-01-17 Samir Ibradžić New
[modular] Per-component configure options 2012-01-16 Trevor Woerner New
[xgi] Fix warning: control reaches end of non-void function. 2012-01-13 Tormod Volden New
Patches for xf86-video-{tdfx,trident,xgi} 2012-01-13 Johannes Obermayr New
[1/2] Replay touch begin event in entirety 2012-01-11 Chase Douglas New
[xquartz,2/2] XQuartz: Check client->local rather than LocalClient(client) 2012-01-10 Jeremy Sequoia New
[xrandr-utils,7/8] Drop rectangle_t. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,6/8] Refactor geometry structs in xrandr.c to use libXrandrUtil's 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,4/8] Copy a few basic structs and enums from xrandr.c into header. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/8] Initial doc files. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[Resend] Patch: fix regression introduced in intel driver version 2.16.0 2012-01-06 Chris Clayton New
Request review patch compose key sequences musical symbols 2012-01-03 Pander New remove trailing white space 2012-01-02 Matthieu Herrb New
[xf86-video-r128] Restore the CLOCK_CNTL_INDEX *after* we're done messing with it. 2012-01-01 Matthieu Herrb New
[xf86-video-ati] Update for new vgaHW API. 2012-01-01 Matthieu Herrb New
[xdm] xdm.service: use WantedBy= in [Install]. 2011-12-28 Micha? Górny New
[xdm] Support reloading xdm through systemd. 2011-12-28 Micha? Górny New
[xrandr-utils,4/6] Add unit test suite and a basic test of the geometry structs. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,2/6] Import xrandr.c and its test as implementation examples. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/6] Initial packaging and directory structure. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[edid-decode,3/3] Adjust broken header warning message 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[edid-decode,2/3,v2] Fix manufacture/model week/year parsing 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[edid-decode,1/3] Do the EDID version parsing before anything else 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[evdev] Fix absolute events with swapped axes 2011-12-15 Paulo Zanoni New
Document the r/R semantics for initial connection handshake 2011-12-14 Adam Jackson New
[app-xfd] Use the Automake recommended alternative to AX_DEFINE_DIR 2011-12-07 Gaetan Nadon New
[2/2] PropertyNotify filters 2011-12-01 Adam Jackson New
[1/2] Atomic query requests 2011-12-01 Adam Jackson New
[xkeyboard-config] Use of dead_greek symbol in Bepo's keyboard layout 2011-11-30 Frédéric Boiteux New
xinput: Assume 'list' by default if no args given. 2011-11-30 Bryce Harrington New
Fix minor typo in xsetpointer usage statement. 2011-11-29 Bryce Harrington New
EXA and damage performance problem 2011-11-29 Christoph Bartoschek New
Fix segfault when there's no config dir 2011-11-28 Paulo Zanoni New
Possible regression with "Add hysteresis-based noise reduction" in synaptics driver 2011-11-24 Simon Thum New
[3/3] Reset only what the protocol requires, instead of full regeneration. 2011-11-20 Jamey Sharp New
[2/3] Factor out duplicated WindowOptPtr initialization. 2011-11-20 Jamey Sharp New
[1/3] InitRootWindow: Use ChangeWindowAttributes instead of duplicating it. 2011-11-20 Jamey Sharp New
[0/3] dix/window.c cleanups and death to server regen 2011-11-20 Jamey Sharp New
[libdri2] dri2video support 2011-11-15 Rob Clark New
[xf86-video-nouveau] add dri2video support 2011-11-15 Rob Clark New
[dri2proto] video support for dri2 2011-11-15 Rob Clark New
[xdm,v3] Re-introduce the ability of staticcally linking the greeter. 2011-11-15 Matthieu Herrb New
[xdm] Re-introduce the ability of staticcally linking the greeter. 2011-11-07 Matthieu Herrb New
Xext: XCopyArea does not work in Xinerama mode.#25113 2011-11-04 Arvind Umrao New
backport of evdev right mouse emulation code to evdev - 2.6.0 2011-11-03 Jools Wills New
[1/5] dix: don't InitXTestDevices if there's no XTest extension 2011-11-01 Paulo Zanoni New
[xf86-video-sis] Convert use of LookupWindow to dixLookupWindow 2011-10-30 Jeremy Sequoia New
Trying to add kdrive evdev touchscreen support, ran into some problems. 2011-10-27 Marko Kati? New
Move GC->miTranslate flag to ScreenRec. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[3/3] Move pixmap size limit checking to CreatePixmap, from screen hooks. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[2/3] Introduce CreatePixmap, allocating a header and calling screen hooks. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[1/3] Have FreePixmap call screen hooks, not the other way around. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
[resend,3/3] CreateRootWindow: Set root windows' drawable.x/y to -pScreen->x/y. 2011-10-01 Jamey Sharp New
=?UTF-8?q?=5BPATCH=202/2=5D=20Xephyr=3A=20Delete=20Linux=20evdev=20support=2E?= 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
Delete * entries that are never defined now. 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
[xdm,3/3] xdmcp: use getnameinfo() to get a name from a struct sockaddr 2010-03-24 Julien Cristau New
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