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[V3,1/1] XSELinux: When SELinux is enabled the xserver seg faults 2012-07-05 Richard Haines New
Add regression test for button press event button state for touch begin 2012-07-04 Chase Douglas New
Don't include touch state for emulated button press events 2012-07-04 Chase Douglas New
[v2] uload unused input modules 2012-07-03 Michal Suchanek New
[03/36] screen: split out screen init code. (v2) 2012-07-02 Dave Airlie Under Review
[02/36] xfree86: use udev to provide device enumeration for kms devices (v10) 2012-07-02 Dave Airlie Under Review
[01/36] xf86: cursor code got mangled by indenting 2012-07-02 Dave Airlie Under Review
[5/7] xfree86/loader: Split off some loader code into separate query functions. 2012-07-02 Michal Suchanek New
Don't rely on reseting static variables after UnloadModule. 2012-06-26 Michal Srb New
[1/5] dix: split pixmap sharing out to common function 2012-06-26 Dave Airlie New
dri2proto: add prime protocol support. 2012-06-26 Dave Airlie New
dri2: Fix authentication for < v8 clients. 2012-06-26 Christopher James Halse Rogers New
xfree86: Copy mode->name for desired mode and current mode 2012-06-21 Maarten Lankhorst New
[xf86-input-synaptics] Turn down the default sensitivity for MacBook touchpads 2012-06-05 Chase Douglas New
[6/7] xfree86: unload unused input drivers 2012-06-04 Michal Suchanek New
[7/7] xfree86/loader: add back silly reference counting. (and move it a layer higher) 2012-06-04 Michal Suchanek New
[1/7] xfree86/loader: Do not unload sibling modules. 2012-06-04 Michal Suchanek New
[v2] qxl_mem: add debug flags, simple accounting and valgrind enabled 2012-05-31 Alon Levy New
[rfc] push don't render sw cursor/sigio avoidance hack down 2012-05-29 Dave Airlie New
xf86/modes: Defang stale pointers when copying modes 2012-05-29 Chris Wilson New
[xf86-video-intel] Include config.h in intel_options.c 2012-05-28 Nick Bowler New
[xf86-video-intel,2/2] glamor: Fix misspelled xf86GetOptValString and OPTION_ACCEL_METHOD introdu... 2012-05-26 Johannes Obermayr New
[xf86-video-intel,1/2] sna: Fix misspelled crtc introduced by commit 4094826. 2012-05-26 Johannes Obermayr New
Fix Xephyr build when DRI is enabled but GLX is not 2012-05-25 Alan Coopersmith New
[1/2] Add test for touch end on device disable 2012-05-15 Chase Douglas New
[3/3] Make MIPS use existing PowerPC code paths in lnx_video.c 2012-05-10 Matt Turner New
[2/3] compiler.h: change MIPS IOPortBase to ioBase 2012-05-10 Matt Turner New
[1/3] compiler.h: split MIPS and ARM code 2012-05-10 Matt Turner New
[01/02] dri2proto: Add DRI2GetParam request 2012-05-10 Chad Versace New
Close vtRequestsPending race 2012-05-07 Helge Bahmann New
[2/2] Add test for XIQueryPointer button mask when physical touch is active 2012-04-26 Chase Douglas New
[1/2] Add xorg-gtest integration test framework 2012-04-26 Chase Douglas New
Multitouch regression in 3.3 on thinkpad X220 clickpad 2012-04-21 Benjamin Herrenschmidt New
Fix coasting friction 2012-04-16 Chow Loong Jin New
[synaptics] support inverted scroll direction 2012-04-12 Alyssa Hung New
Xorg segfaults on i915gm during init 2012-04-10 Michal Suchanek New
[1/3,master,1.12] Don't attempt to add non-master core touch pointer emulation listeners 2012-04-04 Chase Douglas New
[1/1] XSELinux: Fix initialisation of polyinstantiated properties and selections 2012-04-02 Richard Haines New
[xorg-docs] Release Notes: Add glide as an included video driver 2012-04-01 Guillem Jover New
[RFC] damageproto: Explicitly document Damage lifetimes 2012-03-29 Adam Jackson New
[synaptics] Fix st->mt scaling 2012-03-29 Leon Shaw New
[gccmakedep] Add parsing of GCC option '-std='. 2012-03-23 Anderson Luiz da Silva New
[2/2] Convert remaining code to use C99 inline 2012-03-22 Tomas Carnecky New
[1/2] Standartize on C99 inline 2012-03-22 Tomas Carnecky New
dri2: Only invalidate the FrontLeft buffer if the backing pixmap changes 2012-03-16 Chris Wilson New
Process ABS_{X,Y}, even if multitouch is enabled 2012-03-16 Thorsten Wißmann New
Cannot wait for user lock in sync_while_locked 2012-03-10 Keith Packard New
[xorg-gtest,2/2] config: use DUMMY_CONF_PATH variable in library source 2012-03-09 Gaetan Nadon New
[xorg-gtest,1/2] Revert "config: remove unrequired AC_SUBST DUMMY_CONF_PATH statement" 2012-03-09 Gaetan Nadon New
Suggestion of patch for libXaw3d-1.6.1 2012-03-04 Jean-Pierre Demailly New
[libxkbcommon,1/2] Use bison-generated header instead of tokens.h 2012-02-24 Ran Benita New
[video-intel] Revert "Update autotools configuration" 2012-02-18 Gaetan Nadon New
[xrandr-utils,3/4] Add an A/B test comparing our xrandr's output with the installed xrandr 2012-02-16 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr] xrandr: dump configuration in parsable format 2012-02-13 Stefan Tomanek New
[xf86-video-vmware] Fix manpage. 2012-02-08 Johannes Obermayr New
[xorg-gtest] Make Environment API property-based. 2012-02-06 Daniel d'Andrada New
Synaptics patch review request - add option for invert circular scrolling direction 2012-02-05 Lukáš Karas New
Fix build with XInput version 12. 2012-02-05 Johannes Obermayr New
[modular] use 'make' semantics to keep going 2012-02-04 Trevor Woerner New
[v2] Fix build system. 2012-02-02 Jussi Pakkanen New
Remove MGADRI_DEVEL configure option 2012-02-01 Ian Romanick New
[xorg-gtest] Fix build system. 2012-02-01 Jussi Pakkanen New
[v3,xorg-gtest] Added --xorg-logfile option. 2012-02-01 Daniel d'Andrada New
[xorg-gtest,3/3] Add some info to README on how to run Xorg as non-root 2012-01-30 Daniel d'Andrada New
[xorg-gtest,2/3] Install configuration file in /etc/X11 instead of /ush/share/xorg/gtest 2012-01-30 Daniel d'Andrada New
[xorg-gtest,1/3] Added --xorg-logfile option. 2012-01-30 Daniel d'Andrada New
[v2,modular] better integrate --autoresume and -n 2012-01-27 Trevor Woerner New
[modular] better integrate --autoresume and -n 2012-01-27 Trevor Woerner New
[modular] remove xgi driver 2012-01-27 Trevor Woerner New
[modular] renamed: -> xorg-build 2012-01-24 Trevor Woerner New
Make --enable-internationalization default 2012-01-23 Matt Turner New
[xf86-input-synaptics,6/6] Switch X and Y axis labels to "Abs {X, Y}" 2012-01-19 Chase Douglas New
[xf86-video-mga] enables resolutions greater than 1280x1024 on G200eW Nuvoton 2012-01-17 Samir Ibradžić New
[modular] Per-component configure options 2012-01-16 Trevor Woerner New
[xgi] Fix warning: control reaches end of non-void function. 2012-01-13 Tormod Volden New
Patches for xf86-video-{tdfx,trident,xgi} 2012-01-13 Johannes Obermayr New
[1/2] Replay touch begin event in entirety 2012-01-11 Chase Douglas New
[xquartz,2/2] XQuartz: Check client->local rather than LocalClient(client) 2012-01-10 Jeremy Sequoia New
[xrandr-utils,7/8] Drop rectangle_t. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,6/8] Refactor geometry structs in xrandr.c to use libXrandrUtil's 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,4/8] Copy a few basic structs and enums from xrandr.c into header. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/8] Initial doc files. 2012-01-07 Bryce Harrington New
[Resend] Patch: fix regression introduced in intel driver version 2.16.0 2012-01-06 Chris Clayton New remove trailing white space 2012-01-02 Matthieu Herrb New
[xf86-video-ati] Update for new vgaHW API. 2012-01-01 Matthieu Herrb New
[xdm] xdm.service: use WantedBy= in [Install]. 2011-12-28 Micha? Górny New
[xdm] Support reloading xdm through systemd. 2011-12-28 Micha? Górny New
[xrandr-utils,4/6] Add unit test suite and a basic test of the geometry structs. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,2/6] Import xrandr.c and its test as implementation examples. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[xrandr-utils,1/6] Initial packaging and directory structure. 2011-12-22 Bryce Harrington New
[edid-decode,3/3] Adjust broken header warning message 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[edid-decode,2/3,v2] Fix manufacture/model week/year parsing 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[edid-decode,1/3] Do the EDID version parsing before anything else 2011-12-20 Tormod Volden New
[evdev] Fix absolute events with swapped axes 2011-12-15 Paulo Zanoni New
Document the r/R semantics for initial connection handshake 2011-12-14 Adam Jackson New
[2/2] PropertyNotify filters 2011-12-01 Adam Jackson New
[1/2] Atomic query requests 2011-12-01 Adam Jackson New
xinput: Assume 'list' by default if no args given. 2011-11-30 Bryce Harrington New
Fix minor typo in xsetpointer usage statement. 2011-11-29 Bryce Harrington New
EXA and damage performance problem 2011-11-29 Christoph Bartoschek New
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