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(Crowd funded) fix for SiS 671/771 video cards 2013-05-20 Pander New
1. added PARALLEL TO 2. added block of bold box glyphs 2014-06-16 Geoff Streeter New
=?UTF-8?q?=5BPATCH=202/2=5D=20Xephyr=3A=20Delete=20Linux=20evdev=20support=2E?= 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
Add "s query" to print screen saver state and timing. 2017-01-07 Nicolas George New
Add '-xserver-keymap-dir' option to print .xkm file directory and exit 2012-07-17 Keith Packard New
Add 24-bit color support to exaGetPixmapFirstPixel 2018-12-14 Kevin Brace New
Add EXA support 2012-07-06 Connor Behan New
Add XF86AudioMicMute mappings 2012-08-28 James M Leddy New
Add a return value to set_cursor_position() to allow it to report failure 2014-04-24 Michael Thayer New
Add a return value to set_cursor_position() to allow it to report failure 2014-04-10 Michael Thayer New
Add correct dependency on libxtrans. 2013-11-07 Eric Anholt New
Add devd config backend for FreeBSD (and GNU/kFreeBSD) 2014-02-24 Robert Millan New
Add gpg signing to 2014-05-20 Stephen Kitt New
Add regression test for button press event button state for touch begin 2012-07-04 Chase Douglas New
Add sun4i drmmode driver 2016-12-21 Icenowy Zheng New
Added 3D support 2015-06-23 Or Tal New
Additions for Compose 2014-06-06 Geoff Streeter New
All-black X windows with etnaviv/xwayland/glamor 2018-03-02 Lukas Hartmann New
Allow paths and patterns to be const 2014-01-29 Gaetan Nadon New
Allow paths and patterns to be const 2013-12-13 Keith Packard New
Allow paths and patterns to be const 2013-11-19 Keith Packard New
Allows holding down two keys to repeat both ("Two-key repeat") 2016-03-01 thomassross New
Also track directly imported modules in a separate list 2014-02-12 Keith Packard New
Always install vbe and int10 sdk headers 2012-08-15 Adam Jackson New
An attempt at fixing a bug involving DGA and mouse buttons 2012-08-25 Steven Elliott New
Automatic setting of _NET_WM_PID for local clients 2014-06-17 New
Avoid 10x7 heuristic, handled by server 2016-04-26 Stefan Dirsch New
Avoid huge slowdown when many resources 2012-11-24 Roberto Ragusa New
Bad caching of the scratch pixmap 2013-04-13 Daniel Drake New
Bug#696965: support for HW_SKIP_CONSOLE breaks use by blind people 2012-12-30 Samuel Thibault New
Cannot wait for user lock in sync_while_locked 2012-03-10 Keith Packard New
Close vtRequestsPending race 2012-05-07 Helge Bahmann New
Convert INCLUDES to AM_CPPFLAGS 2013-01-18 Thierry Reding New
Correct present_notify_msc vblank target 2014-10-11 Axel Davy New
Correct xorg_list_is_empty return value description 2018-02-09 Roman Gilg New
DIX/ConfineTo: Improve algorithm to jump to the nearest point inside 2014-02-08 Keith Packard New
Delete * entries that are never defined now. 2011-05-13 Jamey Sharp New
Deliver input events only to window owner 1 2015-11-24 Keith Packard New
Disabling RECORD by default 1 2015-11-24 Keith Packard New
Do not require libdrm as base pkg-config module 2014-05-08 Gabriele Giacone New
Do nothing when there are no platform devices 2015-09-10 Marcin Juszkiewicz New
Document the r/R semantics for initial connection handshake 2011-12-14 Adam Jackson New
Don't include touch state for emulated button press events 2012-07-04 Chase Douglas New
Don't rely on reseting static variables after UnloadModule. 2012-06-26 Michal Srb New
EXA and damage performance problem 2011-11-29 Christoph Bartoschek New
Enable subdir-objects 2014-02-12 Thierry Reding New
Fallback to std DRI2CopyRegion when DRI2UpdatePrime fails 2014-10-05 Chris Wilson New
Feature: synaptic three-finger swipe action 2014-08-17 Gabriele Mazzotta New
Feature: synaptic three-finger swipe action 2014-03-09 Arkadiusz (Arkq) Bokowy New
Filter out -l parameters when setting dependencies 2013-05-08 Gustavo Noronha Silva New
Fix FP1616 macro 2012-10-31 Daniel Martin New
Fix Xephyr build when DRI is enabled but GLX is not 2012-05-25 Alan Coopersmith New
Fix a bug for calling createContextAttribs. 2012-09-27 New
Fix bogus timestamp generated by XIM 2012-12-18 ISHIKAWA,chiaki New
Fix build after dropping locales 2012-12-07 Colin Walters New
Fix build against xorg server 1.17 on certain architectures 1 2017-03-09 Timo Aaltonen New
Fix build order in util/ 2012-08-20 Knut Petersen New
Fix build with XInput version 12. 2012-02-05 Johannes Obermayr New
Fix coasting friction 2012-04-16 Chow Loong Jin New
Fix commit 901fbfb by renaming load_cursor_argb() etc to force build breaks 2014-04-23 Michael Thayer New
Fix locking bugs with XIAllowTouchEvents() and XIUngrabTouchBegin() 2014-07-11 Owen Taylor New
Fix minor typo in xsetpointer usage statement. 2011-11-29 Bryce Harrington New
Fix null-pointer exception in open_restricted() 2018-02-09 Jeff Smith New
Fix off by one error in xf86Init 2013-11-04 Cameron Stewart New
Fix screen and pointer limits on RandR resize 2016-05-18 Antoine Martin New
Fix segfault when there's no config dir 2011-11-28 Paulo Zanoni New
Fix xf86DeleteDriver and various places that use it 2013-07-22 Christopher James Halse Rogers New
Fixed CRTC disable in xrandr causing scale issue 2018-03-05 Arsalan Awan New
FreeBSD/DragonFly patches for xf86-video-ati, xf86-input-mouse, and xf86-video-intel 2015-07-26 Thomas Klausner New
Handle animated cursor on shared sprite 2016-10-12 Pierre Ossman New
Heap overflow in Xorg/XKB in optimized gcc 8.1.1 builds? 2018-06-20 Vladimir Panteleev New
Hiding keyboard state 2 2015-11-23 Keith Packard New
Initial Haiku support 2017-05-06 James Taylor New
Introduce xcb_aux_alloc_shm() to create anonymous files in RAM 2018-04-10 Alexander Volkov New
MGA DDX: default to use EXA if XAA is unavailable 2015-06-21 Matthew Rezny New
Make --enable-internationalization default 2012-01-23 Matt Turner New
Make pixman-mmx.c compile on x86-32 without optimization 2012-07-09 Soeren Sandmann New
Make sure X_BYTE_ORDER is defined for servermd.h 2014-08-01 Keith Packard New
Making the manual pages doclifter-clean 2012-08-23 New
Mention xkeyboard-config(7) in setxkbmap(1) 2012-02-03 Mehdi Dogguy New
Move GC->miTranslate flag to ScreenRec. 2011-10-02 Jamey Sharp New
Multitouch regression in 3.3 on thinkpad X220 clickpad 2012-04-21 Benjamin Herrenschmidt New
PATCH bitmap-1.0.8:fix num_lock bug 2016-09-06 Walter Harms New
PATCH xserver small memory leaks fixes 2016-05-05 David CARLIER New
Patch for compose key sequences J with acute 2013-02-20 Pander New
Patch for glibc 2.25+ in xserver config/udev.c 2018-11-13 Manoj Gupta New
Patch for glibc 2.25+ in xserver config/udev.c 2018-11-12 Manoj Gupta New
Patches for xf86-video-{tdfx,trident,xgi} 2012-01-13 Johannes Obermayr New
Pointer acceleration update 2016-04-11 Simon Thum New
Possible regression with "Add hysteresis-based noise reduction" in synaptics driver 2011-11-24 Simon Thum New
Potential bug in xorg-xserver? 2017-02-17 New
Potential bug in xorg-xserver? 2017-02-17 New
Process ABS_{X,Y}, even if multitouch is enabled 2012-03-16 Thorsten Wißmann New
Quote colons in filenames/paths 2016-02-02 Antonio Larrosa New
Relation between the -seat parameter and ServerLayout 2012-11-21 Олег Самарин New
Remove MGADRI_DEVEL configure option 2012-02-01 Ian Romanick New
Remove blank lines in Xservers, xdm-config and others 2016-01-09 Consus New
Remove code limiting buffer size. 2013-06-02 Thomas Klausner New
Remove declaration-after-statement C warning (was: [Xcb] Patch for compiler warnings in util-image) 2013-08-29 Arnaud Fontaine New
Rename PIC to XMAN_PIC to avoid problems with "-DPIC" compilations. 2012-07-12 Thomas Klausner New
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