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Patch A F R T Date Submitter Delegate State
[Spice-devel,2/2] do not link spice with libcacard 2015-10-08 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel,1/2] use variables foo_LIBS and foo_CFLAGS in deps, not their values 2015-10-08 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel] Fix numerous compiler warnings due to wrong types and remove useless typecasts 2013-02-07 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel] Address a compilation warning due to missing typecast 2013-02-07 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel] spice-common: remove version construction 2013-02-07 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel] link libspice server with libm libpthread 2012-06-02 Michael Tokarev Accepted
[Spice-devel] make celt to be optional 2012-06-02 Michael Tokarev New
[Spice-devel] fix error-path return in snd_set_record_peer() 2012-04-17 Michael Tokarev Accepted