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[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,14/25] Use monitor_id to compute display_id 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,15/15] channel-main: Free flushing list on agent reset and dispose 2013-03-09 Hans de Goede New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,15/15] Import GNULIB's GCC warning macros 2012-03-13 Daniel P. Berrangé Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,15/15] session: disconnect in idle 2014-11-25 New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,15/16] channel-main: Cancel active file-xfers on channel/agent disconnect 2013-03-29 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,15/25] Don't attempt to draw an invalid area 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,16/16] channel-main: Don't g_warn when not finding a file-xfer-id 2013-03-29 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,16/25] Handle SPICE_MSG_DISPLAY_MONITORS_CONFIG 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,17/25] Make-up a MonitorConfig if the server doesn't provide one 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,18/25] spicy: learn to deal with monitors 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,19/25] spicy: disable display when deleting window 2012-07-12 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add a spice-controller-dump testing tool 2012-02-29 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add a USB device selection widget. 2012-01-26 Hans de Goede Superseded
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add a warning if scancode lookup failed 2012-10-15 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add ability to get sizes from SpiceFileTransferTask 1 2016-08-11 Jonathon Jongsma New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add command line options for setting the cache size and the glz windo... 2012-01-16 Yonit Halperin Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add fallback #define for GDK_IS_X11_DISPLAY 2014-04-11 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add fallback for g_key_file_set_uint64 2013-02-27 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add SpiceSession:proxy 2013-01-28 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Add SpiceVMC GIOStream 2014-02-11 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Adding test to gitlab ci 2017-03-09 Snir Sheriber New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Adjust to new SpiceImageCompress name 2015-08-07 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] log configure command line 2012-04-02 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Block ctrl+alt+del if the corresponding property is set 2012-07-19 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: Drop unneeded python check 2016-05-03 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: fix make distclean going twice in vapi dir 2012-03-20 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: fix win32 build 1 2016-06-20 Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: if stow is installed, default prefix to it 2012-03-16 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: modernize gettext 2017-05-09 New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: simplify checking for x11 1 2016-08-19 Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] build-sys: Use SPICE_CHECK_LZ4 2015-06-22 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] buildsys: Disable some warnings 2012-03-14 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-main: Add support for VD_AGENT_CAP_SPARSE_MONITORS_CONFIG (rh... 2013-01-18 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-main: Add support for VD_AGENT_CAP_SPARSE_MONITORS_CONFIG (rh... 2013-01-10 Hans de Goede New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-main: Move variable to block where is needed 1 2016-04-14 Pavel Grunt Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-smartcard: unref in flight messages as soon as they are send 2011-12-03 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-usbredir: Properly reset state from reset callback 2012-09-28 Hans de Goede New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel-usbredir: Properly reset state from reset callback 2012-09-27 Hans de Goede New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel: Abort migration in delayed unref 1 2016-04-22 Pavel Grunt Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel: deprecate spice_channel_destroy() 2014-11-09 New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] channel: learn to load certificate from memory 2012-11-19 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Check --spice-disable-effects parameter validity 2012-08-10 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] clipboard: check that clipboard request does not belong to remote 2014-05-15 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] clipboard: Use gtk_clipboard_request_text for text data 2016-08-10 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] configure: Do not force audio by default 2015-06-12 Pavel Grunt New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Connect on recent connection item activation 2011-05-25 Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] controller/win32: limit access to current user only 2012-10-24 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] controllers: signal when a client is connected 2012-03-21 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] cursor: don't access unitialized data when logging 2012-09-13 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Display g_debug messages when SPICE_DEBUG is set 2013-10-16 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] display-gst: Debug video pipeline on stream-start message 1 2017-07-10 Victor Toso New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] display: cache id is uint64_t 2013-10-03 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] display: disabling adaptive video streaming via env var SPICE_DISABLE... 2013-06-24 Yonit Halperin Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] display: Fix 'exisiting' typo in debug log 2015-01-29 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] display: use streams_ namespace for stream related functions 2017-06-30 Victor Toso New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] doc: Fix typo in code comment 2013-07-08 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Don't include super-header from channel-main.h 2015-09-11 Jonathon Jongsma New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Don't strip \0 from non-text clipboard data 2014-10-28 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Draw server-side pointer when the session as the grab 2014-11-03 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] file-transfer-task: Hide internals of SpiceFileTransferTask 2016-05-25 Pavel Grunt Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] file-transfer: Add guards to public functions 1 2016-09-01 Pavel Grunt New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] file-xfer: Inform client of errors on init of xfer 2017-07-03 Victor Toso New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Fix build with automake 1.14 2014-05-13 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Fix semi-seamless migration handling 2012-03-05 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Fix switch to old SPICE protocol 2013-10-10 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Fix switching to TLS regression 2012-12-23 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Free display_cache in cache_free() 2015-10-12 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gi: Add (allow none) to optional const char * params 2013-06-28 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk-session: always sync modifiers for client events 2014-04-04 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk-session: don't check guest modifiers when sync'ing 2014-04-04 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk-session: weak reference the session for clipboard cb 2012-01-18 Marc-André Lureau Superseded
[Spice-devel,SPICE-GTK,2/2] gtk/channel-port: include glib-compat for g_clear_pointer 2012-12-06 Uri Lublin Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk/ Better explicit deps fro autogenerated files 2011-09-23 Hans de Goede New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk/ Better explicit deps fro autogenerated files 2011-09-02 Hans de Goede Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] gtk: hide cursor when ungrabbed 2014-10-24 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Handle pause key correctly 2016-07-26 Frediano Ziglio Superseded
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Introduce gtask-helper.[ch] 2016-03-23 Fabiano Fidêncio New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] logging: use more idiomatic spice-gtk logging 2016-03-11 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] main: remove unneeded gtk-doc comments 2016-05-25 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] New file transfer API 2015-09-22 Jonathon Jongsma New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Notify agent-connected property change 2012-03-18 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Notify of monitors when not using MonitorConfig 2013-03-16 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] ppc: Fix message endianess 2015-06-18 Lukas Venhoda New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Recheck clipboard size after modifying its data 2014-11-17 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Recheck clipboard size after modifying its data 2014-11-17 Christophe Fergeau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Remove coroutine trampolines 2014-05-29 Marc-André Lureau New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Remove runtime warning when setting a NULL shared-dir 2015-01-29 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Report the scaling is 1.0 if the widget isn't realized yet 2012-01-31 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Reset grab-sequence on match 2012-05-18 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] RFC: Allow to limit the latency introduced by lip sync 2017-03-15 Frediano Ziglio Superseded
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] sasl: Fix crash when ending a SASL session 2013-10-16 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Send keyboard description 2014-11-05 Pavel Grunt New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] Send monitor config if guest supports sparse monitors 2015-06-19 Pavel Grunt Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] session: add shared-dir property and option 2014-02-28 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] session: improve open_host() clean-up 2012-12-20 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] session: Keep brackets around ipv6 hostname 2016-06-21 Pavel Grunt Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] session: take pubkey reference in setter 2012-03-29 Marc-André Lureau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] smartcard: Only init manager once 2013-07-11 Christophe Fergeau Accepted
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] spice-channel: Factor out code for storing caps 1 2017-06-29 Pavel Grunt New
[Spice-devel,spice-gtk,2/2] spice-widget: rename mouse_update to update_mouse_mode. 2011-12-09 Hans de Goede Accepted
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