[Mesa-dev,1/4] configure: remove non-functional --with-opencl-libdir

Submitted by Emil Velikov on Sept. 22, 2014, 7:17 p.m.


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Commit 2e6fc0647a93f7091068d1a75ba5948b9bff5da3
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Emil Velikov Sept. 22, 2014, 7:17 p.m.
The parameter used to control where the gallium pipe-drivers
were installed, but was broken since

commit 45270fb0fd1abd7619933c2845f9dc74cdfbe6fd
Author: Matt Turner <mattst88@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Sep 13 10:45:01 2012 -0700

    targets/pipe-loader: Convert to automake

Considering that nowadays the pipe-drivers can be used by
more than just the opencl target, even fixing this up will
not be the best idea.

Cc: Matt Turner <mattst88@gmail.com>
Cc: Francisco Jerez <currojerez@riseup.net>
Buzilla: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=61415
Signed-off-by: Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov@gmail.com>
 configure.ac | 8 --------
 1 file changed, 8 deletions(-)

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diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index 760a374..12dc955 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -1821,14 +1821,6 @@  AC_ARG_WITH([omx-libdir],
-dnl Directory for OpenCL libs
-    [AS_HELP_STRING([--with-opencl-libdir=DIR],
-        [directory for auxiliary libraries used by the OpenCL implementation @<:@default=${libdir}/opencl@:>@])],
-    [OPENCL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR="$withval"],
-    [OPENCL_LIB_INSTALL_DIR='${libdir}/opencl'])
 dnl Gallium helper functions


Reviewed-by: Matt Turner <mattst88@gmail.com>