Revert "drm/vmwgfx: Replace numeric parameter like 0444 with macro"

Submitted by Øyvind A. Holm on Jan. 16, 2017, 3:25 p.m.


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Series "Revert "drm/vmwgfx: Replace numeric parameter like 0444 with macro"" ( rev: 1 ) in DRI devel

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Øyvind A. Holm Jan. 16, 2017, 3:25 p.m.
This reverts commit 2d8e60e8b0742b7a5cddc806fe38bb81ee876c33.

The commit belongs to the series of 1285 patches sent to LKML on
2016-08-02. The general consensus was that the changes does not increase
readability, quite the opposite; 0600 is easier to parse mentally than

It also causes argument inconsistency, due to commit 04319d89fbec
("drm/vmwgfx: Add an option to change assumed FB bpp") that added
another call to module_param_named() where the permissions are written
as 0600.

Signed-off-by: Øyvind A. Holm <>
 drivers/gpu/drm/vmwgfx/vmwgfx_drv.c | 10 +++++-----
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

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diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/vmwgfx/vmwgfx_drv.c b/drivers/gpu/drm/vmwgfx/vmwgfx_drv.c
index 18061a4bc2f2..e8ae3dc476d1 100644
--- a/drivers/gpu/drm/vmwgfx/vmwgfx_drv.c
+++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/vmwgfx/vmwgfx_drv.c
@@ -241,15 +241,15 @@  static int vmwgfx_pm_notifier(struct notifier_block *nb, unsigned long val,
 			      void *ptr);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(enable_fbdev, "Enable vmwgfx fbdev");
-module_param_named(enable_fbdev, enable_fbdev, int, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR);
+module_param_named(enable_fbdev, enable_fbdev, int, 0600);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(force_dma_api, "Force using the DMA API for TTM pages");
-module_param_named(force_dma_api, vmw_force_iommu, int, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR);
+module_param_named(force_dma_api, vmw_force_iommu, int, 0600);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(restrict_iommu, "Try to limit IOMMU usage for TTM pages");
-module_param_named(restrict_iommu, vmw_restrict_iommu, int, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR);
+module_param_named(restrict_iommu, vmw_restrict_iommu, int, 0600);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(force_coherent, "Force coherent TTM pages");
-module_param_named(force_coherent, vmw_force_coherent, int, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR);
+module_param_named(force_coherent, vmw_force_coherent, int, 0600);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(restrict_dma_mask, "Restrict DMA mask to 44 bits with IOMMU");
-module_param_named(restrict_dma_mask, vmw_restrict_dma_mask, int, S_IRUSR | S_IWUSR);
+module_param_named(restrict_dma_mask, vmw_restrict_dma_mask, int, 0600);
 MODULE_PARM_DESC(assume_16bpp, "Assume 16-bpp when filtering modes");
 module_param_named(assume_16bpp, vmw_assume_16bpp, int, 0600);